Death Of A Salesman-Second Impression

This is my second time reading The Death of a salesman. Majority of people reading this second time will agree with me that second time reading the play, we could see more things that we have not recognized before. For me, it raised me several more questions about Linda. In addition various aspect for Willy Loman.

First of all, I feel a lot of sympathy for Willy Loman. The reason why is because in the book of Linda speaking she says that Willy Loman has lived his life for his sons while Biff faced back from Willy. In addition, readers might feel sympathy how Willy is mentally ill and also how he struggle pursuing his dreams and being successful.

Meanwhile looking Willy at a different aspect, in Spite of his mental illness, and how he failed achieving his meaning of successful life, I personally think that it is certain how he struggles to get successful and having trouble in his life. He has put down Biff’s big expectation and how he had affair with another woman. Hence, I consider he wants too much since he is guilty, I suggest that having a miserable life is correct.

In act 1, where Linda tells story about what happend to Willy to Biff and Happy, there is a part where Linda says about how everyone does not welcome Willy anymore, Willy borrowing money from Charley and fact that Willy is the dearest man to Linda. However from here, it raised me a question whether Linda is loving him, or living beside him for sympathy, since in this point she emphasises he is alone and need more attention, mental illness and hardship earning money. Hence, this made me to think that she is actually staying beside him not because she love him but she feel sympathy for him.

Though I have read The Death Of A Salesman twice,  there are still a lot of things to look over again. Maybe third time reading this will make me to think more 🙁

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