DEAR “Touching The Void”-part 2 (in the middle of reading)

Joe Simpson sand Simon Yates had set off to climb the west face of Siula Grande, it started off well but as they descend Joe slipped off and ice cliff and end up with a broken leg. In order to get Joe down, Simon use a rope to tie himself to Joe, slowly lowering him down, although the plan was working at first, at a point there was a cliff in front of Joe, but due to the darkness on the mountain he accidently lower Joe toward the cliff, causing Joe to be dangling from a cliff. When Joe was dangling off the cliff there were only two choices for Simon, to hold on the rope, eventually causing the death of both of them, or to cut the rope, which would kill Joe but would save himself.

“Won’t be long now. I’ll not last till morning…won’t see the sun either. I hope Simon doesn’t die, that’s hard… he shouldn’t have to die for me ”

I think this quote is important for the situation they were in, because Simon did eventually cut the rope. Joe on the other believe that he would not be ale to survive, and that Simon should not die because of his mistake so he support Simon’s decision of cutting the rope, but Simon does not know that due to the fact that they were unable to communicate, when Simon did cut the rope he believe that he had killed Joe, not knowing that Joe did survive despite falling off. I look forward

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