DEAR – Slaughterhouse-Five (2)

‘Slaughterhouse – Five’, is written by Kurt Vonnegut. What he encountered in his experience in the Second World War has been the subject of this book.

Since this book is anti-war novel, I was able to sense the way the author is trying to show his opinion towards the war throughout the book. Instead of showing his direct feeling by mentioning “The war is so cruel that numerous people would die out”, he revealed his belief by using black humor and this made the novel to be more pathetic.

The story of Billy Pilgrim, the main character, being kidnapped by Tralfamadorians, the aliens and time travelling sounds somewhat humorous, nevertheless his life appears to be relatively miserable as there is nothing that he could either change or do eventhough he knows what would occur in the future through time travels. This may be the reason why this novel is regarded as not only comedy, but tragedy, as well.

I found some difficulties finish reading this novel due to confusing storyline and tenses in the beginning of the book. I have put a lot of efforts on trying to seize what the author is forcing us to think about through Bill Pilgrim and the reality. However as I patiently continued to read, in the end I could notice the reason why the author had to write in such a puzzling way.

Readers with a good patience (unlike me), might enjoy reading this novel, because not until the end of the book you can comprehend the deep meaning inside the book.

I am looking forward to read more of Kurt Vonnegut’s novels.


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  • Aaron

    Wow this book sounds like a good read. I have never heard of a book which comprises of both comedy and tragedy before. Is it possible for you to tell me “why the author had to write in such a puzzling way”? Did the style of writing affected or rather, gave this book a greater impact?

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