DEAR reading -Shiver II

DEAR reading          Shiver             by Maggie Stiefvater


“While Grace was in school, I had driven by Beck’s house. The driveway was empty and the windows were dark; I hadn’t the heart to go inside and see how long it had been unoccupied. Without Beck to enforce the pack’s safety, who was supposed to keep Jack in line?

An unwelcome sense of responsibility was starting to pinch at the back of my throat. Beck had a mobile phone, but I couldn’t remember the number, no matter how long I riffled through my memories. I pressed my face against the pillow and prayed that Jack wouldn’t bite anyone, because if he became a problem, I didn’t think I was strong enough to do what would have to be done. ”             — End of chapter


Sam spoke this chapter, in the human form. He recalled his memory about his experience after being bite. From this, we can conclude that werewolves were humans before; therefore another man named Jack, who was bitten by the pack, might have turned into a werewolf already. Beck was the leader of the ‘pack’, the wolves’ leader. He took care of Sam after he escaped his house, as well as all other newcomers. However this time, he disappeared, the house he owned wasn’t open for werewolves anymore, so Jack was in danger every second. All the clues that shows Beck’s absence, made Sam more worried about Jack’s future, and the whole Mercy Falls’ future.


The ending of this chapter made us wonder what will he have to do if Jack became a problem, since he said “angry people didn’t make good werewolves”, does that mean Jack would just go around and bite people? Then what will he have to do? A werewolf bit Grace a long time ago, will that have an affect on Grace? What will happened between Sam and Grace?

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