Dear Post: “The world in 2050″~~~~Pls Read N Comment (:

When I first saw the title of this book, I thought that this was a fiction novel. The first thing that came to my mind was the movie “2012”. However, this book actually predicts what the world would be like in the year 2050. Have you ever thought about it before?

In this blog post, I would only give you brief summary of what this book talks about. However, the sole purpose of having this “Dear reading blog post” is to give you guys an idea or rather, a gist of this novel . If you want to know more, please don’t despair. I would go into that in my next “Dear reading blog post”.

In this post, I would like to bring to your attention about the things happening to our world. Have you ever considered, (especially my generation) what would happen to our world as the population continues to rocket sky high? Would there be enough food for the people? Would there be enough land for the whole of our population? Have you even thought about that? If you have not, I suggest you spend some time to ponder upon it.

The book “2050” has been divided up into 4 global forces. They are demographic trends, natural resource demand, climate change and globalization. Today, I would focus more on the aspect of what our world is going into.

We all know that in this society of ours, birth rates have been increasing drastically. Right now, the world has a population of approximately 7 billion people. Just so you know, China is home to more than 1.2 billion people. That is equivalent to saying 1 out of every 5 people on this planet comes from China. My point is, right now when you are reading this post, this very minute, another baby is born. What would happen if our population continues to grow? Would are world still be the same or would it be disaster?

In 2008, at some point of the year, “the number of people living in urban areas grew to briefly match,……the number of people living in rural areas.” This is the first time in history that the number of people living in urban areas, outweigh the numbers living in the rural areas. More and more people are flocking to the cities as they would be able to find a better job to have a better life. An example of that is India. I am not trying to say that they should not do so. What I want to say is that with more and more people moving from rural areas to go work in urban areas, what would happen to our primary sector? Who is going to harvest the natural resources? Is everyone just going to rely on technology alone? Is that even possible? Without our primary sector, where are we going to get our food from?

Our population is increasing and in the long run, there would be a major problem. This problem would be one of the crisis of our time. There would be a shortage of land, shortage of food, etc. If we don’t start thinking about these problems right now and the solution to it, when are we going to?


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  • Dawn

    This is a very powerful piece of writing Aaron!!
    I like the part where you said:
    ‘right now when you are reading this post, this very minute, another baby is born’
    It creates the sense of space and time. Also, it makes the readers really feel that the problem we are facing is serious.

    It’s combining the thing we learn in economic and geography~~~ It’s really cool…

    • Sanaa

      Agreeed =) that line is pretty awesome and makes the information really “sink in” with the reader. Both the book and your post seem very powerful, lol.

    • Gerald

      Same opinion here!!
      In addition, I noticed that you used quite many rhetorical questions which made your writing even stronger as what you mentioned. I did like them, especially in the last paragraph, it refreshed in my mind that the problems are getting severer.

  • (Jolly) Nga Wan

    “Right now, the world has a population of approximately 7 million people.”
    Sorry, but the world population is over 7 BILLION, not million. Also, the ration between new life and people dying predicts that every 3 seconds, a baby is born. But this statistic is out of date, since I learnt that in year 6, which is 4 years ago.

  • Aaron

    I would definitely change that! Thanks for correcting my mistake. I totally apologize for the typo error.

    Also, I do not understand what made you say “this statistic is out of date”. What is outdated? Please specify clearly what you mean by “this statistic is out of date”. If you are saying that the fact, of ‘every 3 seconds a baby is born’ is outdated then my next question to you is what made you say that?

    I am quite sure that my post did not mention anything about ‘3 seconds a baby is born’.

    • (Jolly) Nga Wan

      What I meant was MY statistic, if you allow me to add on, – approximately “every 3 seconds a child is born” – but, I learnt this in year 6, so this number may have increased since, though I am not sure. But this totally refers to your point “right now when you are reading this post, this very minute, another baby is born. “

      • Aaron

        Oh I see. I was trying to exaggerate when I said “right now when when you are reading this post, this very minute, another baby is born”. I was actually emphasizing about the fact that the worlds population is increasing very rapidly. You are a very critical reader and I totally appreciate that!

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