The Adventures of Tom Sawyer – End of Book Review

“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” by Mark Twain is a children’s adventure novel about a young and mischievous Tom Sawyer’s endeavors.  Although it may give the impression that it’s only suitable for a certain audience, the novel can be suitable for all ages.  This book is apt for those who would enjoy how the author highlights the aspects of childhood through Tom’s many antics like hunting for treasure, becoming a pirate, and wittily escaping both work and punishment.  However, this book will probably not be the best read for those who may not like the fact that the story is told in episodes. Plus, they may find the plot to be too childish or immature.

In general, I liked this book.  While at times I enjoyed the lightheartedness of the book, there were still dark or serious aspects to the story so it wasn’t just all fun and play. The most memorable and even admirable aspect of the novel is of course the protagonist, Tom Sawyer.  He pulls of impressive shenanigans, tricks, and almost always manages to succeed even if he may not have the most genuine of intentions.  Although at times Tom shows more mature sides of his character, it always comes back to the fact that he’s the clever (often times devious) boy playing the hero.  I guess this would be considered the more mature, and still amusing, side of the book, since the author, Mark Twain, is possibly satirizing classic literature as well as the society that Tom Sawyer often outwits.

Although everyone may not find the episodic, adventurous plot of the story to be their cup of tea, Tom Sawyer’s ingenious, imaginative, and even outrageous ways are what makes him not only lovable, but also relatable.  It’s kind of like there’s a bit of Tom Sawyer in everyone or at least a yearning to be like him in some way or another.   At first I didn’t see why this book was such a popular novel in literature, but now I understand why a boy’s mischievousness can be pretty impressive and interesting.

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  • Alissa Yap

    Sanaa, you seem to understand the characteristic of Tom Swayer really well. btw, what do you mean when you said that “the story is told by episodes”? does it mean that Tom Sawyer’s adventures in the story are not connected to each other?

    • Sanaa

      Haha thanks, I hope so. Gooood question! Yupp, you’re sort of correct lol. Tom has various adventures like in one chapter it might be about stolen treasure, and in the next chapter his adventure might be exploring a cave. However those “scenes” are like secondary plots/conflicts that contribute to the big picture of Tom Sawyer’s life. Plus, throughout the story there is still one primary conflict. Hope that answers your question =)

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