Poem: That Spring Breeze

Spring is in the air! It was such a great feeling that I wrote this poem:

Poem: That spring breeze
Written by: Jolly Yau

That sweet spring breeze swept across the sea,
Came tumbling into my window, in front of me.
It’s getting colder now, it whispered into my ear.
But I am here, so there’s nothing left to fear.

Then it left, as sudden as it came,
Leaving nothing but days with rain.
I chased after the breeze with devotion
but found myself running towards the ocean.

Don’t want it gone,
Nor the blazing sun at dawn.
Or even that warm tingling feeling,
I could feel in the air each spring.

Spring gone, winter came,
Bringing tears and rain.
There is so much emotion,
And too much of devotion.

I start to gather memories,
Fearing I will soon forget that spring breeze,
And all those wonderful dreams each night,
Or the moon that glistens so bright.

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6 comments to Poem: That Spring Breeze

  • Ariel

    Wow, that’s a really beautiful poem. I totally agree with you that spring breeze is ‘sweet’, i enjoy walking around suzhou when it’s spring very much. Very nice metaphor used in this poem, and great structure, it rhymes in every stanza. Excited about your next poem now ^_^

    • Alissa Yap

      i agree, i also think that you used good metaphor, it’s a really nice poem describing spring.^^

  • Aaron

    Haha this poem is really interesting. As I read this poem, it was as though I could feel the ‘sweet spring breeze’ blowing gently into my face. The imagery used in this poem is good.

  • Diana Kim

    !!!!!! I am so surprised !!!!! its absolutely soo amazing:))
    I really liked the way it rhymes and also a beautiful image that makes in my head. I especially like this phrase: ‘I chased after the breeze with devotion.’ it is quite dramatic but gives deep impression!!

  • (Jolly) Nga Wan

    My ‘decorative’ writing style must be influenced by Christopher Paolini! His writing seems so delicate but full of emotion at the same!

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