George Orwell 1983- Dear 2

My favorite quote in this is,

“And the conspiracy—the organization? It is real? It is not simply the invention of the Thought Police?”

In my previous post, I commented that Winston, the main character, is on a journey with some of the others to try and bring down the government and dictatorship. In this post, I would go before the time when Winston set off for his journey to try and overthrow the government. This means that I would explain to you what happened before Winston joined the ‘secret organization’ that goes against the dictatorship of the country.

In Oceania, the government always tricks the people into making them think that their country is the best in terms of everything example, economics. At the very beginning of the book, the government told the people that the ‘secret organization’ is bad and that anyone following the organization to overthrow the government would be tortured and then, executed. As such, Winston thought that the government was using this method to frighten the people into listening to the authorities.

However Winston never gave up hope in finding this ‘secret organization’. I love this quote as it not only gives Winston hope but it also tell us, readers, that the light has been rekindled. With this quote, it allows us to see a brighter future for the people. In the past, the country did not use to be in the hands of dictatorship. If the they are successful in overthrowing the government, they might be able to go back to having a normal live like those few who had live in the past without dictatorship before.

Right now, I am still reading trying to find out if Winston and the ‘secret organization’ will be successful in weakening the government of Oceania. As I said in my previous post, will the ‘secret organization’ be successful? Will Winston get caught? What would happen? Is the rekindled light a source of false hope? This is what I am going to find out!


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