DEAR-Wait For Me (End of the book Post)

‘Wait for me’ is written by ‘An na’ who is a Korean but grew up in America. This novel is quite short and easy to understand. However I found it easier to read because there are some Korean words included, so I think people who are unfamiliar with Korean words would have hardship reading it. But also would be a good opportunity to get familiar with Korean culture since the words contains culture and traditions of Korea.

I felt familiar with the plot and the atmosphere of this whole novel because ‘Wait for me’ involves most of the stereotypical Korean. For an instance, ‘Mum’ in this novel was a significant character and that was because I was able to notice that ‘mum’ tends to be credential who thinks the academic ability is most important than anything else. Plus, the main character in the novel ‘Mina’ also displayed the Korean typical student who wants to get rid of her stressful life but do something she really enjoys.

I have a profound impression towards ‘Mina’ on how she overcome her fake life and become to be honest to herself and seek for the life that she would enjoy throughout the whole novel. She tries to find what she truly wants in her life and what she wants to do. Plus, this made me to consider about myself as well such as what I want to be and what I am trying to do and try to be honest on myself.

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  • Alissa Yap

    The book sound really interesting, is the original novel in Korean?

  • Aaron

    This reminds me about the novel “Death of the Salesman”. Reading this posts brought me back memories on my post “What is a good life”. If I have the opportunity, I would like to find some quiet time to have a go with this book “Wait for me”.

    • Gerald

      I have the same opinion as you! I find Mina is very similar to Biff, because they both wish to live a life that they can actually enjoy.

  • Ariel

    Hmm… a Korean girl who grew up in America… a very unique background set up for the main character.
    I kind of think this book is kind of similar to the book “Speak” which you are reading now, since both of the main character was hiding their real thoughts and feelings.

  • Sanaa

    Is this book “semi-autobiographical”? Like is the author, An na, Korean America too ? (who might’ve also had a complicated relationship with her mom).

    • Diana Kim

      Yes, she has put some of her life into it. I think thats why she could have described more vividly.And the author is also a Korean America too.

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