DEAR The Recruit (CHERUB)

The book is written by Robert Muchamore, and is a thriller and spy novel.  Why did I borrow the book in the first place? I thought it must have a very interesting plot, seeing that this series of books have become one of the most borrowed series in the library. It turns out that the book is actually quite interesting, despite the infrequent sentences that contain a bit too much detail about slightly inappropriate things.
The story is about a teenager called James. His mother dies in the first 30 pages because she was taking aspirins while drinking alcohol.
The basic training is the part that’s takes up half of the book. 100 days of training is needed. My favourite part is when James completes his last part of training by going to the Malaysian rainforest for survival training. They were literally thrown off a helicopter, and had to walk through checkpoints, then reach a destination miles away within 48 hours.
I liked how Muchamore showed the complicated thoughts of a teenage boy in the story clearly, so that readers of all age could understand.
I recommend this book to people who enjoy reading spy novels or action or books full of excitement. I rate it 13+.

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3 comments to DEAR The Recruit (CHERUB)

  • Aaron

    I have read this book before and I share the same sentiments as you! This book is indeed very interesting. I also like the way the author, Muchamore, describe the surroundings and also the thoughts of the characters. With his description, I am able to see the images unfolding before my eyes. I am also able to feel the heat and suspense! Overall, this is a fantastic book to read!

  • (Jolly) Nga Wan

    I hope to read the next book, “Class A”.

  • Aaron

    You should! “Class A” and the other series are very interesting!!!

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