DEAR reading -Shiver

DEAR reading              Shiver                 by Maggie Stiefvater


“…I was drunk with it, with the scent of her. I’d got too close. My instincts warned against it…

…every bit of me sang with the memory of her closeness.

Too close.

I couldn’t stay away.”


“Shiver” is a chilling love story between Grace –a normal school girl– and Sam –a wolf. Grace lived very close to the wolves, she found herself wanting to know them, the yellow-eyed one in particular. Sam, the wolf have been watching her too, too long that he couldn’t help but wanting to stay with her…

This quotation is from Sam, the wolf. As the plot says, he lived two lives: wolf in winter and human in summer. The quotation is selected from Sam’s first chapter. He only started to speak at the 7th chapter, once I thought the whole book would just be in Grace’s point of view. He didn’t start speaking right after his ‘visit’ to Grace, it made us curious about what he’s thinking while he visit and after he left. Because he is a wolf (the book didn’t say he lived two lives yet), so I can understand why his ‘instincts warned against it’, which curious me more about his next step, since he ‘was drunk with it’, quite a typical imagery to use while a person is in love.

I like this quotation is because I am able to imagine the way he said these words. I would think his voice faded out, perhaps into whisper, or it’s just the voice inside his mind. I really enjoy reading cliffhangers; the type of breath-taking experience is my favorite part of reading.

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  • Aaron

    Wow this book sounds like it would be an interesting read. I would really like to find out what happen between Grace and Sam. Is this book something like ware wolfs? Is Winter like full moon while summer is the other normal days? Haha anyway this really sounds like a book which would keep me up for days!

  • Alissa Yap

    I actually heard of this book before, from what you wrote it seems really interesting. I really liked how you interpreted “was drunk with it” as how the wolf was in love with the girl, and that he was obsessed with her . ^^

  • Diana Kim

    I also agree on your opinion on that quotation. It creates a imagery and helps me to think about the feelings and images when Sam was actually saying this quote. I find this book interesting where the main character is Sam and Grace.

    • Ariel

      Sorry, didn’t count you in, thank you~~ but why will Sam and Grace makes the book interesting???

      • Diana Kim

        haha~ sorry~ i meant how the character sam who is a wolf and Grace falls in love ^^ sorry about the confusion ☺

  • Ariel

    Thank you to you both~~ I wanted to read this book for a long time ago but didn’t have a chance to. I am now on the stage that Grace found a boy; his eye was as yellow as the wolf she knew, his smell was as good as the wolf, and he also gave her the confortable feeling that she felt when he’s with her… so excited about the following part of their story!

  • Aaron

    Sorry guys!!! I meant “Werewolves”!!!!! and thank you Jolly!!! Wow this gave me another fantastic chance to brighten up my english and also, to have another comment!!!

    • Ariel

      You are soooo welcomed, but I don’t think he is a werewolf, since he is a wolf for the whole winter rather than just at night.

  • Gerald

    hmm.. love between a school girl and a wolf, I am starting to find this book interesting!!! Thanks!!! This book would definitely be on my reading list!!!
    I also like the way the author expressed love as drunk. I think it is very true. When you are in love you feel like you are drunk.

    • Ariel

      haha, to be honest, I don’t suggest you to. it’s a really ‘trashy’ romantic book. I found Sam quite disgusting now as I read on. Sounds weird, but I think he either watched too many romantic movies or he reads a lot of girls books. but i still like the imageries in the book~

  • (Jolly) Nga Wan

    Wait… Isn’t that plot familiar?
    Bella falls in love with the vampire in the Twilight Saga.

    • Ariel

      Sorry, I don’t know, haven’t watch twilight yet… maybe.

    • Aurora

      Yesyes, thats what I thought too Jolly! And I think I am going to read this book cuz i sorta feel like reading a trashy romantic novel.. “The Help” doesn’t seem so good so far although I havn’t read a lot yet.

      • Sanaa

        Agreed! Plus sometimes trashy romantic novels can turn out to be pretty interesting haha (or on the other hand just plain “trashy”).

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