Merchant of Venice Review

I have never heard of “The Merchant of Venice”, and I thought it had a very interesting plot.
While I was watching the movie, I thought it would have a tragic end, but it turned to have an better ending.
The ending that I thought would happen goes like this: Bassanio breaks his vow and he is forced to kill himself as his life is tied to the ring. Then Antonio kills himself and it finishes with a tragic end.
There was a part where I was too afraid to watch, and that was the ‘Courtroom scene’. Especially when Shylock took out the knife to cut the flesh, I turned around and stopped looking. But when Portia said “only flesh, no blood, not a single drop”, I felt relived. But Shylock didn’t do anything wrong, he only applied the rules in the bond. And then I saw this injustice between Christians and Jewish, when the Court forced Shylock to transfer into a Christian. But in the Christians point of view, they believe this is helping the Jew, as Jewish people go to hell, and if they convert, they will not go to hell. They thought Antonio was being merciful to Shylock.
I really enjoyed watching “Merchant of Venice”, especially the ending, where everything turned out right. But the ending was almost like the beginning. I look forward in reading the script!

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