First impressions of Zhang LiJia

First impressions of Zhang LiJia

Earlier this week as part of book month, a professional writer visited the school. Her name was Zhang Lijia, the author of the Memoir ‘Socialism Is Great”, a book that was built around her youth. Despite the excitement of the news that a real author was coming to the school, it was further enhanced by the fact that she was a native Chinese person.

The story that she told us, about her life and her experiences realty inspired me. Given a now successful journalist and writer started off as a factory worker. Her tale started off as a girl who was forced to drop out of school at the age of 16, by a request from her mother to start working at the local factory. In spite of the uproar, she reluctantly left school, destroying her dream of becoming a writer, and going to university. In the face of ‘enslavement’ to the factory she decided to teach herself English. This show of individuality from Zhang LiJia caused her difficulties from the other employees, as they had already admitted that they would live and later die in this job. Not weakened by their insults she stuck to learning English and later received a degree in engineering, and left the factor to follow her childhood dreams of become a writer.

This story of motivation and guts has really inspired me, as in her later life she choice to become a freelance journalist and substituted money, for time to be able to appreciate the world she lives in. I really enjoyed her visit and cant wait until another writer can visit the school and share his or hers story with us.

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