Dear Water for Elephants, end of book post

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen is about Jacob Jankowski, a polish veterinary science student who runs away to a circus after his parents die in a car accident. In this book we hear about Jacob’s life at the circus working as a vet there. In addition to getting to know Jacob as a young man, we also meet him as an old man in living at an old folks home.


If you like animals this is a book for you. Throughout the story we can clearly see that Sara Gruen loves animals, as they are a big part of the story. However, this book is a more of a serious book and if you only enjoy funny books this is not the book for you. Nevertheless, there are always things happening in the book. Many books I easily find boring because they are quite slow. In Water for Elephants there are always things happening. I do believe this book is targeted a little more towards girls rather than boys, however I do think boys could find it entertaining as well.


I really loved Water for Elephants and it is one of the best books I have read in a long time. I especially liked the fact that Sara Gruen gave us the chance to get to know both old and young Jacob, and I really think that it adds the little extra to the story. One of the reasons I liked it is probably because I really like animals, but also because I think it is a great story.

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  • Sanaa

    Sounds like a great book 🙂 Does the book switch in between when Jacob is young and when he’s old or is the story told chronologically? Before reading your post, based on my first impressions of the book/movie it seemed to be a romantic novel (just guessing). But after reading your post, it doesn’t seem like it’s that romantic. So what genre would you say the book is?

  • Ariel

    I find the name of the book really weird

    • Alissa Yap

      i agree with Ariel the title is weird, btw why is the book call water for elephant? does it have something to do with the fact Sara loves animals?

  • Diana Kim

    I think it would be a romantic and might be partially sad story since Jacob’s parents passed away and his trying to find a new life in the circus. I wonder if the book is related to the title of this book (about elephants and meaning of the title)

  • Aurora

    It jumps back and forth between when he is old and when he is young as he like remembers the story to himself. And I guess you could classify it as a romantic novel, however there are tons of other themes in the book. Hope that answer your question!

  • Sanaa

    “Water for Elephants” is a really interesting title (like Ariel said). Does it have that name because its Jacob’s job to give water to the elephants? (just guessing). What do youuuuu think is the reason behind that title?

  • Aurora

    After reading the book I can see a little more why the book is called what it is. However, I still think there would be many titles that would be more suitable than Water For Elephants. But no, Jacob does not actually carry water for the elephants, but it does get mentioned.

  • Sanaa

    Ooo ok, yupp thank you that answers my questions. Did it ever get confusing when the story switched back between old Jacob and young Jacob? (sorry for sooo many questions lol)

  • Aaron

    I also agree with some of you that “Water for Elephants” is an interesting title! I think this book would be really suited for me as “If you like animals this is a book for you”. I cannot wait to get started!!!

  • Aurora

    And Alissa, I think the title has to do with the fact that one of the most important characters in the book is an elephant. However, I don’t think its only the title that reflects Sara’s love for animals , but the whole book actually reflects her love for animals as animal cruelty are one of the themes in the book.

  • Aurora

    Haha, that’s ok Sanaa don’t worry. No I think Sara did a very good job in writing in a clear way, so I never got confused.

  • Gerald

    I don’t quite understand why the title of this book is water the elephant

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