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The author of the book “Socialism is Great” came and spoke to our class last week. She discussed her struggles as a young adult and how she refused to allow them to deter her from her true aspirations. My english class had the opportunity to sit with the author and ask her questions. What I can take away from her story  is that regardless of obstacles, if you have a passion then you should pursue it. She showed me that I should appreciate the situation that I am in, and not take it for granted. The resources that were available to her were substantially worse than the ones available to me regardless she is relatively successful. Furthermore Zhang Li Zha taught me that with hard work anything can be achieved. Zhang Li Zha struck me as a very opinionated intelligent person. She seemed to be positive about her future career however I wouldn’t say that her next novel is entirely a fiction as she implies that it is. She shared that her next novel is a fiction about prostitution but I would think that parts of the story would emulate her grandmother’s life.

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