What I Think ~ Down The Mine by George Orwell

What I Think ~ Down The Mine by George Orwell

Down the Mine by George Orwell is an interesting piece of literature given that it focuses on a ‘trade’, that to the normal population has nearly been forgotten. Although our lives generally run on coal to sustain its normality, the idea of men shovelling coal onto a conveyor belt hundreds of metres below the surface of the earth sounds unheard of in today’s society. Seeing we are currently in the computer age, most people nowadays would have the idea that machines were responsible for digging and moving the coal. This however is not the case as this is highlighted in the essay ‘Down The Mine’, since he explains explicitly all about the journey to the face and back.

Despite the fact that George Orwell’s essay is about a negative topic and causes some uncomfortable questions to arise. I think that this piece of writing is great. The reason to this is because as you read the essay, it seems like he is talking to you about his experiences and is not just writing what he saw down on a piece of paper. I recon that since he is talking to the reader rather than just writing an essay, it makes what he is saying so much more effective and creates a deeper impression on the reader.

Although many people many not agree with me and might say that this piece of writing is embarrassing. Just because it is talking about how companies are still using men, to shovel one of the most relied resources in today’s society out of the earth. Even with this I still think that this topic, of the miners, should be brought up, as these invisibles are the backbone to society and without them, nothing would function, and chaos would be present.

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