The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, like you’ve never seen before…

It was a dark stormy night when Goldilocks arrived at the three bears house. She looked up. The moon, was glowing faintly through the clouds. It wasn’t raining, but the wind blew so strong, it seems like the forest was dancing wildly. The perfect weather, she thought, and she took out her lock picking tools. Carefully, she picked the lock at the front door of the three bears house. Click. “Ha, time for some revenge,” she smiled to herself.
Goldilocks, in fact did not have blond hair, nor it was curly. It was jet black and straight. She wore a dress, a black and red dress.
She turned the doorknob and the door creaked. She walked in and there on the table lay 3 bowls of porridge. She took out her small glass bottle labeled “poison“. Green liquid dripped out as she poured it into the smallest bowl. “Ah, there we go, the correct proportion for the right temperature”, she smuggled happily. She looked around and saw three chairs neatly in a row. “I need to destroy it…” she muttered under her breath. Taking out a match, she lit it and burned the chairs that was in the living room. The fire started spreading itself across the living room, as if it was alive.

Goldilocks took the smallest bowl porridge and headed upstairs. She went for the bedroom, where three strange creatures slept, all who were unaware of the raider. She took the porridge and fed it into the small bear figure curled up in his bed. Instantly, effect of the poison in the porridge took place. The creature opened its mouth and struggled to breathe as it let out its final breath and it lay there, motionless.

She moved on to her next victim, a larger bear figure which lay in bed beside the now motionless bear. And there she takes out her long narrow pins she prepared, stroking it delicately with her fingers, soaking it with poison from the poison dart frog. Suddenly, almost as fast as lightning, she punctures the pins through the veins running along the creature’s arm. She pauses to count. “16, 17. Seventeen, thats just the right amount,” she muttered to herself.

Moving on to the third bear figure laying in the largest bed, she took out her sword, a rapier, the hilt fashioned in a 17th century Italian design, and held it up to the great creature’s neck. with a quick motion, she sliced both the main artery and vein running through it’s neck. Blood was leaking out, soaking through the blankets and spreading.

For a moment, the world seemed to be still, as if everything was frozen in time. Goldilocks looked out the window. The clouds have now cleared and the moon was glowing brightly in the sky.The fire from the living room has spread itself to the second floor and was disintegrating anything that was in its way. She took a step out the window and with one last look back to the house, she took off, with her mighty wings that shimmered in the moonlight.

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3 comments to The Story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, like you’ve never seen before…

  • (Jolly) Nga Wan

    Does anyone like the plot? Or is it too clichéd?

    • Mr. MacKnight

      Jolly: The word cliché is a noun. The adjective is clichéd. It’s a bit like fade, a verb, and faded, the adjective. “The rug near the bay window was faded. The plot of his story was clichéd.” Or, “The plot of his story was full of clichés“.

  • Sanaa

    Nopee, I don’t think it’s too clichéd. Haha, I’ve never really read a story like this before. I think your take on Goldilocks’s character is very interesting and unique (and eerie). Plus, I admire that fact that you’ve included so much detail and GREAT imagery 🙂

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