Straight News Report-The incident of the Bear’s House

February 25th, 2012

Yesterday morning, 7:30, a house located in the Fairy Forest had been broken in. The housebreaker is still not under arrested.

The break-in was found after the Bear’s family returned to their house after they picked up their youngest from the lessons. The Bears family asserted when they went into the house the door was unlocked, which the mother bear claimed that she locked the door before they went out. When they hurried into the house, they found a bowl of eaten porridge (which the other two beside also has been moved), and a brocken chair inside the living room. The Papa Bear said they went upstair for a further check. They found someone was sleeping in the bed. “I swear! I saw it was’a littl’ gurl in the bed!” The Papa Bear stated. However, the evidence from the eyewitnesses countered Papa bears assertion. “I saw a man, which was about 7 foot tall, running out of the forest when I was putting the mails into the Steven’s mail box.” Claimed the eyewitness.

The police’s spokesman said yesterday afternoon, that the purpose of the break-in still remained unknown. The spokesman indicated that,”no valuables were stolen.” Also, the police pointed out that the housebreaker was reckless of his action during the break-in. Lots of evidence was left in the house. The police declared that, the result of the investigation will be announced tomorrow.

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