Response to “Down the Mine”

I find “Down the Mine” very interesting. This is because, it makes us wonder about what our world is  going to become. The modern society we are living in right now. These days, it  is totally unheard of about people doing jobs which are not of high social status. People are not only talking about jobs which would get them lots of money but also jobs which would allow them to be well respected by the community. Before I move on to how I feel about “Down the Mine”, I would first explain the amount of impact I felt from George Orwell’s writing. The way George Orwell wrote “Down the Mine” has totally done justice to it.

In this piece of art, his writing, he has raised many questions in our head. It is as if we were studying the painting of Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. There are so many things to be asked. In “Down the Mine”, George Orwell had pen down his experiences. He wrote down what he saw and felt. I feel that this style of writing, has the most effective impact. In other articles or books, the author usually not only states his points but also his opinions. If the author does that, the author does not give the audience the chance to think about what is going on as the opinions is “fed” to them. However for George Orwell, he just writes down his experiences. This way, he gives us, the readers, the chance to think about what is going on.

Take Mona Lisa for example. Leonardo DaVinci drew her but did he at any one point in time told us the secrets behind the painting? The answer is, no. Even till this day, secrets about Mona Lisa is still being unrevealed. Why is this so? This is because, Leonardo Da Vinci wanted us, to think about the picture and unravel the mysteries ourselves. If he just told us all the secrets, would we still bother to think about the picture? The answer, is obvious.

In “Down the Mine”, questions are being raised. We are forced to think about the future. Who would do the jobs of coal miners, with almost every one in this modern society wanting jobs with prestige? What would happen if one day the coal mines are gone? What would happen to our electricity? Will there be a continuous supply of coal? Do you feel guilty about using electricity? Who makes our electricity keep going?

In “Down the Mine”, George Orwell makes us realize that there are some jobs which are very vital to our society even if it means a “no prestige” job. If everyone in this world was a  billionaire, do you think money would be able to replenish our natural resources like how it is in games? Without natural resources, do you think there would still be a “world”? Now, that is up to you to find out!

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