Product Review Three Little Pigs

Butter Churner P90X F-series

With the P90X Butter Churner making your butter doesn’t need to be hard. The dual layered platinum blades cut through and churn milk like a hot knife through butter. The chrome plated easy grip hand holds makes churning butter comfortable. Mahogany lacquered finish prevents leaks of any sort, tested to withstand up to 10,000 PSI. Not to mention the high volume of the P90X, A succulent pig would fit quite nicely inside. The F-series model includes a easy roll function, for transporting your butter with ease, possibly for a quick escape.


The P90X however has a tendency to frighten wolves, the glare emanating from the finish triggers a primitive response for them to flee. This may cause a very angry wolf. The P90X also is not suitable for rolling down hills with



Large Volume

Easy Churning

Comfortable Grip



May cause angry wolves

Not meant to roll down hills

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