Pig boils Wolf to death (News Report)

January 16, 2012

The remains of Mr. Wolf were found on Sunday night, behind Mr. Pig’s brick house, after Mr. Pig boiled Mr. Wolf to death and ate him for dinner.

Several witnesses were around the area when they saw Mr. Wolf trying to break into Mr. Pig’s house, for an unknown reason.

The witness, Ms. Bunny said, “After a while of looking at the wolf, I saw that he climbed into the chimney, and he never came out. I did see Mr. Pig come out about an hour later looking rather satisfied.”

No one knows the actual reason of why Mr. Pig would have wanted to kill Mr. Wolf. After investigating Mr. Pig’s house, officers found the boiling pot with some wolf hairs.

The local police investigated the house, but not the pig. Mr. Pig was, and still is no where to be found. Mr. Cow, head of police, suspects that Mr. Pig found out the police is looking for him and left the country.

Mr. Pig has no where to run since his only two brothers were mysteriously killed days before this incident. “It shouldn’t be hard to find him, and the police is currently working on the situation.”

Some people doubt that Mr. Wolf was completely innocent, but since he is dead there is no way to prove this. Mayor Ox James said the country lost a well-known wolf, and he will always be remembered.

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