Interview with Mr. Pig

Q: So Mr. Pig, how do you feel after the dramatic event that occurred at your house last saturday?

A: It was very emotional indeed, my fellow brothers didn’t make the attack by the fearless wolf. My family and I sorrowed for one week, no less, no more. We had a silent moment for both of my siblings and they will be remembered for their creativity and lack of engineering skills.

Q: If you were able to sit down and talk to Mr. Wolf before you ate him, what would you have said or asked?

A: I would ask him why he desired to eat my brothers and I so badly. We are all quite overweight with a lot of fat on our stomachs. I do not understand why he would want to eat something that would taste so greasy.

Q: I see. Well, I supposed that Mr. Wolf got what was coming to him?

A: Well yes, it was either his life, or it was mine and dare I saw the wolf tasted quite sour, but food nowadays is quite expensive and a pigs got to do what a pigs got to do, if you know what I mean

Q: It has been very interesting talking to you this afternoon and I wish both you and your family the very best in the future!

A: Pig: My pleasure!

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