Interview- 3 Little Pigs

Interview with Mr. Pig


Q: So Mr. Pig how long has the Wolf been trying to eat you?

A:  3 days, each day he would try to get me out of the safety of my house.

Q: How would he do this?

A: On the first day he wanted me to go pick apples. So I went an hour earlier and got back to my house before he got to my house.

Q: So, This went on for 3 days till he tried to come down your chimney. How did you know he was going down the chimney?

A: I heard him climb onto the roof, so i heated up a cauldron and then when he came down the chimney he fell right into it.

Q: Do you feel sorry for the wolf?

A: No I do not. You see the wolf ate my two brothers before he came after me.

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