‘Down the Mine’ Impression

The first impression toward this writing I felt a little guilty and reminded me how I wasted things I’ve been using such as water, electricity, food etc. Therefore I considered that I should be using those effectively and beforeI use, I should think about perople doing harsh labour.

This type of writing was different from what I used to read. Often, the writings that tell us the informations about the child labour, slavery etc, about the social issues has the strong assertion at the beginning or at the end that leads the readers to the point whether it should be continued or be prohibited. However, in the ‘Down the Mine’ I couldn’t find those strong assertion, though I have found that the writer have explained the situation of how severe the condition is. I found this style of writing is much effective on readers rather than asserting his opinions, because by describing the situation in the work place and how serious it is, it already makes the readers to interpret the terrible conditions. So, by that it spontaneously makes the readers themselves to contemplate that it should be stopped.

In addition, in writings that has potent argument, it forces the readers to think in that way and look at the same perspective, while the style of writing like ‘Down the mine’ gives the readers to deliberate and gives time to think about what the writer is trying to tell and simultaneously readers’ own idea.

Overall, I quite like ‘Down the mine’. It was impressive the way it is described and clearly can make the image out of it. The only part I had trouble was just understanding some parts like what is going on, but I still loved it although it was….describing a terrible working condition.

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