DEAR reading -The Son of Neptune

DEAR reading                        – The Son of Neptune                      Rick Riordan


Hazel thinks: “The campers were going to love that—the son of Neptune and the son of Pluto arriving on the same day. Now all they needed was some black cats and broken mirrors.”


This quotation didn’t contain many words, it did not reveal many details about Percy –the son of Neptune and Nico – the son of Pluto, but the way Riordan uses sarcasm and similes has a better effect to describe the ‘importance’ of them. This quotation actually contains nothing really special to the main storyline, but I think this quotation cleverly uses the idea we have nowadays to emphasis their significance in that world, to make it nice, simple and clear for us.


When I finally get to touch this book, I was trembling with joy. The previous book ‘The Lost Hero’ created a number of cliffhangers that entices me for so long. ‘The Son of Neptune’ by name means the son of Poseidon, in this world, it is Percy. Percy is a half-blood, half human half god. He is the son of the sea god, water is his ‘best friend’, he can control water, he can breath in water, water can even give heal him and gives him energy whenever it’s needed. He can control his power pretty well, he is the son of the big three, he has a power above any human being, but there’s a problem, he lost all his memory, except 2 names – his name Percy and a mysterious person, Annabeth. Do you remember the story of Rome, 2 children fed up by a she-wolf? It’s the same here. If you’re a child of Roman gods, you will eventually find Lupa and make your way to Camp Jupiter (the Roman camp half-blood).  Exciting journeys are about to start for Percy in Camp Jupiter.



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