DEAR post 2, Things Not Seen

As you know from reading my last dear post I changed books from the Phantom Tollbooth to Things Not Seen. Things Not seen is a book written by Andrew Clements, which tells the story of a Child (Bobby) who wakes up one morning and is invisible. Bobby’s parents become shocked in the process wind up in a car accident. Since Bobby is invisible he must either travel around naked or incase himself in clothes. If I was him I would be extremely worried about running into someone and seeing them freak out, he actually mentions that in the hospital

There are too many people, moving too fast.

I would be so embarrassed if I happened to bump into somebody, however I would be invisible. I also would be paranoid that the invisibility wore off and I would just be standing there. But I do think that he is wasting his opportunity by going to the library and playing computer games. I would make much more of my situation.



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