Poem – And you left me – new version

Poem: And you left me
Written by: Jolly Yau

You took away my happiness
And shut them all into a jar
Why did you do such a thing?
I can’t believe you went that far.

You sealed away that jar.
And threw it into the sea.
You said, “Good luck finding it.”
And then you pushed me.

I saw you leave before my eyes,
And fell into the cold, dark sea.
Water surrounded and swallowed me whole,
And dragged me down, dragged me deep.

I was sinking…
Couldn’t breathe…
I screamed your name out loud.

And I was…
Drowning, in a…
A world of silence,
More bubbles escaped from me…

I was fading…
Your voice was all I heard…
Echoing in my mind,
“Good luck finding it…”

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