What is a ‘Good Life’ ?

 I consider that majority of people in the world have thought about the meaning of good life, and what actually a good life is. Past few decades, most of people have considered that a good life must have high social status, high prestige, and be rich. So, having a high social status, reputation and being rich became the standard of a good life (what everyone thinks about and the meaning of good life). However, now, more and more people contemplate that money, social status, and respect from the public cannot make a good life. Those can be small factors that can make people’s lives better, but those cannot fulfill our meaning of good life.

Refer to the speech from Willy: “Some people-some people accomplish something”, “How can he find himself on a farm? Is that a life? A farmhand?” The perception of Willy to a good life is when people accomplish something; having a high social status and prestige; and rich. But, is that a good life? In my opinion, Good life is when people feel themselves satisfied, happy, and enjoys what they are doing.

To me, the most significant factor to have a good life is feelings toward what we are doing, and think if it is really what we want. For example, in the Willy’s speech, he says that life in the farm isn’t a good life. However, I consider that the life in the farm can result as a good life as well, if he enjoys living in the ranch and satisfy with what he is doing. Therefore, in my point of view, even if people don’t have a high social status and a lot of money, but people are satisfied and enjoy their life that is a good life.

However, it is often very difficult to do what we want to do in reality. Hence, people choose to do what they are good at, something that can make a lot of money and from that are involved in a high social status. Following this, people can succeed and satisfied with their life, but if that life is not what they wanted but it is a life just for reality, I consider that it is not a good life. In general, people should have little goals, or objectives to achieve what they want in order to go close to life they want to live.

To sum up, Good life is when we have found something we really want to do even though we are not good at it but, try to be good at it, since there are nothing can be earned without effort. In addition, enjoying our life is a good life regardless of high social status, high prestige and money.

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  • Aaron

    I totally agree with you ‘Good life is when we have found something we really want to do……nothing can be earned without effort.’ This is very true like they all say, ‘there is no such thing as free lunch in the world’!

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