What I Have Learned, Literature Exam.

Although the November exams seem like a cunning and crafty way of testing us of, what we might not have learnt in the first term. These exams might actually be working in our favor, as key examination skills and format is being given to us in the form of a ‘mock’ exam. Although the word ‘exam’ often gives us an image of struggle and despair, this opportunity is giving us a sense of hope and bliss as we now have some experience in the topic of examinations.

Getting my grade back today was a sensational experience, as I achieved a grade/score that I considered was excellent, (as my finally score was one mark of ‘A’). Although this score wasn’t as high as my other subjects. This score still gives me a great opportunity to improve and enhance my English skills.


So what have I leaned?

Though this examination I have learnt important skills such as ‘managing my time’ and ‘reread your work’, as there is always something spelt wrong or with incorrect grammar following it.

As well as learning some basic exam skill’s, in English I have learnt the importance of the “proper use of quotations” in paragraphs, as before I would select huge pieces of text and transcribe it into my word, but from now on I will select small portions of my text so I can create a smooth and painless essay.


– David.C


(please answer in the comments)

Exams are ……..

1) A great opportunity to practice examination techniques?

2) just another way to make your feel ‘down’ and depressed?


(Please pick one)


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  • Sanaa

    Hm… I would choose number “1) A great opportunity to practice examination techniques.”
    However, I think exams can also be considered as an opportunity to assess what skills and knowledge a person has learnt so far, since sometimes exams are used as a final assessment or grade rather than just as practice.
    On the other hand, exams (specifically exam results) do have a tendency to make people feel “down” or “depressed.” So I guess exams can be considered either way☺

  • Ariel

    Haha, I like all your adjectives in this blog post. You’ve explained the purpose of having an exam clearly and smoothly lead to the topic we are talking about, what have we learned? A mock exam is really useful, by doing mock exams, it prepares you to the real one and you could revise the topics you’ve done so far, which is very useful and it will become your *long-term memory*.

    P.S. don’t worry too much about the grades, it’s just a letter on the report, doesn’t mean your level nor your effort

    P.P.S.S. Can you make a third option? It should be 3) Both

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