‘THE ROAD’ by Cormac McCarthy

“Are you carrying the fire?”

The whole world has changed into complete disaster where there is darkness everywhere, and people start to lose their hopes, and trusts and slowly become egotistic, there is no ‘We’ but ‘I’ continues in this world, . The boy, is living in this such a world with his dad who wants to protect his son whatever the situation they meet. The boy asks people if they carry fire or not in order to judge whether they are a ‘good’ person or a ‘bad’ person.

Carrying the fire… what would that be? When I read that quotation for the first time, I wondered what would that fire be like? And as the time passed I think I can probably guess what the fire possibly suggests. The fire is the desperate reason why you live every day. Although they suffer everyday in the grey, ash-covered world, for dad his son is the very and only reason he should survive, and for the boy, his dad is the reason which makes him alive.

This is the reason why I really like this quotation, it remained in my mind and kept making me think the hidden meaning to it.

Do I carry the fire?



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  • Dawn

    It’s amazing that you can carry out such deep meaning after that simple quotation. At the start, I read your quotation, I don’t really understand. “Do you carry a fire?” Such simple and different quotation, behind it, contain profundity meaning.

    I am really touched by your analysation of this quotation!!!! TAT

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