Pierre Anthon yelled: “It’s all waste of time. Everything begins only to end. The moment you were born you began to die. That’s how it is with everything.”

Almost at the very start of this book, the main character ‘Pierre Anthon’ says the quote above  when he suddenly relised there is no meaning of his life. The first time I read this quote I considered this quote very impressive, because actually what he say is correct but the way he says and how the word is ordered, it creates profound atmosphere and little dark impression although it is a short quotation. So, what Pierre Anthon saying is correct that everything begins and they end and as the reader keeps reading on they indulge into this quote. In my point of view, the reader might feel a little unfamiliar because it has used a different expression the writer have used, also the quote is too critical and negatively said. I believe this way is also a effective way plus a reason why I like it, because it is a unfamiliar way and new way that I am not used to.

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  • Dawn

    I really love the quotation you have chosen. It gave me different view point of comprehend something. I enjoy reading such books that has dark atmosphere. Often these books are saying things that are negative, but at the same time, pointing out the truth. These books would always give me deep impression.

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