The lonely body paragraph – Is chocolate a real diet and health killer?

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Is chocolate a real diet and health killer?


Many people misunderstands chocolate, chocolate is actually one of the healthy foods. Most people think chocolate will destroy your diet plan but it’s actually not true. However, it is the most common, most ridiculous and the most unscientific mistake about chocolate. In fact, every 40g of milk chocolate contains only 210kcal, it is only 10% of a human’s daily calories need, and therefore a 40g of chocolate is nothing. Furthermore, the technology now is available to produce diet chocolate, also sugar-free chocolate. This kind of chocolate will not bring you any sugar but gives you chocolate taste at the same time. Besides, chocolate is not addictive which most of the people think it does. Chocolate does contains caffeine, and caffeine is certainly an addictive substance but there are only 6mg of caffeine in a 40g chocolate, which is only 5% of a normal cup of coffee. Therefore, chocolate is perfectly healthy and it is one of the greatest inventions of all.


Thank you. Hope you’ve learnt something about chocolate. ^_^


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  • Alissa Yap

    HAHA! XD I’m so happy to know that chocolate are actually somewhat healthy. Now I can eat them as much as i want without feeling guilty!^^ You know so much about chocolate! :p

  • Aurora

    I agree with Alissa!! Im so happy that chocolate actually is a little healthy.. I love chocolate, haha. It was really interesting to read Ariel, you’ve done a lot of research, or you are just a chocolate genius! I really like that you used so many numbers and facts because then it gets much more persuasive!

  • Gerald

    Thanks for giving us very helpful information. I was always worried that eating chocolate may harm my diet, but i can eat chocolate without any consideration.

  • Diana Kim

    YEAH!!!!~~~~ we can now eat a lot of chocolate (but not much !!) Ariel~ I liked the way you wrote the evidence down so specific. Such as how much caffeine and calories are contained in 40g chocolate 😀

  • Aaron

    Wow your knowledge on chocolates is really impressive. The evidence provided by you is good however, in my opinion, I don’t really think that chocolate ‘is one of the greatest inventions of all’. It would be better if you could rephrase it by saying something like ‘……and to me, eating chocolate is like a magical pleasure that one can ever have’. Haha anyway, this is only my opinion. Overall, this post is great.

  • :)avid

    awesome, i agree that chocolate is good for you but only dark chocolate as it has more “coco” that sugar in it.

    although i love white chocolate, it is the worst chocolate for you as they use a lot of coco fat to give the chocolate its white and shinny texture.


  • Sanaa

    Omg I love your paragraph Ariel. Just from reading this, I’ve learned so much about one of my favorite foods, chocolate. Your paragraph is really informative and convincing since you give actual facts and you give both sides of the argument. Plus, your topic is really good to be informed about since who wouldn’t want to know that chocolate is NOT a diet killer 🙂

  • Dawn

    HOORAY!!!!!NOW I have a good excuse for eating more chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is a great essay. We can see that you are a big fan of chocolate.
    You use a lot of scientific evidence to prove your point. That’s making your essay very convincing.


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