The Great Gatsby Chapter 5

Chapter 5 of the Great Gatsby has been my favorite so far, the reason for this is that it seems to be the most real time in the book. We learn that Mr.Gatsby is not the confident man that he appears to be , or usually presents himself. We also learn about his background and that he may be into some shady deals and that is how he has made his money. I found it strange that his family was rich and then he lost all his money and then had to make it back, so in some respect he is part of the old money club. We also learn that Mr.Gatsby’s only wants Daisy who he had but lost since he was drafted into war. I thought that Gatsby’s friend pronounces Oxford by saying “Oggsford” which I confused about. Also it is implied that Nick has a relationship with Jordan however  he switches stories before anything happens. Im more interested in seeing what happens with Gatsby and Daisy as they still seem to be in love with each other, I don’t really care about Tom’s affair though.

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