The Great Gatsby – Chapter 2

One of the things I found most interesting about Chapter 2 of the Great Gatsby was how Fitzgerald sets out in the very beginning of the book to display Tom Buchanan as a monstrosity of a man, his character is full of flaws in his personality. Tom Buchanan is portrayed as more of a mindless brute than the wealthy figure supposedly is. In Chapter 2 Tom’s mistress, Myrtle is introduced she is described as not a beautiful woman, but rather a sexy woman. This is shown to be the main feature that Tom is attracted to her for, as a result of his bad relationship with Daisy. Tom treats Myrtle as a piece of meat, he doesn’t necessarily like her for who she is but more for what she can provide him with, this is shown in the way he violently breaks her nose, not only does this display his lack of respect for women but also the ‘Hulking’ figure of a man is he portrayed as.

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