Nick Carraway: Body Paragraph

Nick Carraway has a quiet romantic life, and doesn’t express it through words, but since Nick is the narrator of the story we can see what he thinks of certain people . Nick has a romantic life in two different ways: his love life and his dreaming life. I’m going to talk about Nick’s love life. At the end of Chapter 3 (p.51), Nick describes Jordan Baker with ‘gray, sun-strained eyes’. He has been spending some time with her, and mentions that he ‘thought he loved her’. Even though Nick has started to gain feelings for Jordan, he knows he has to get out of a hassle back home in the Middle West. Nick has been writing letters back home to a girl in the Midwest, and signing them ‘Love, Nick’. This bothers him, knowing that he must stop before he commits to anything in the East. Towards the end of the story in Chapter 9 (p. 144-145), Nick admits that he is ‘half in love’ with Jordan. He can’t make up his mind, and is confused, until he sees Jordan and tries to talk to her about their past relationship. Jordan admits that she once cared for Nick, that he made her dizzy, but now she is past Nick and is engaged to another man. Nick didn’t find this surprising. Nick knew Jordan would eventually be engaged, and he wouldn’t be the one. They shook hands very seriously, Jordan leaves. Nick stood there ‘angry, and half in love with her, and tremendously sorry.’ He has mixed emotions for Jordan and even though he saw her again, and engaged, he still can’t make up his mind about his love for her. Overall, Nick is a very lonely person, who’s romantic life isn’t very exciting, and by the end of the story he leaves New York and back to the Middle West.

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