Early education, is it okay?

Early education, is it okay?

Age of 5, it is the age when kids should play outside with their families or friends. However what parents are doing to their kids is forcing them to learn other languages, mathematics, science that is for elementary school. Early education, what we call is not essential, but problems occur when they are expecting too much things to their kids. They believe that teaching 5 years old kids ‘你好’ or ‘5 times 6 times 17 plus 9 equals 519’ may brighten their future. I am very sure that all the parents are hoping that their children to be successful and rich in the future, and that’s the basic reason why parents are so eager to get their children into ‘early education’.  Though, there is a big problem with early education. Children should study themselves in order to realise themselves the real interesting part of learning and to be interested in studying. In addition, if kids learn second language before speaking their mother language, they can speak neither second language nor mother language, properly. As parents’ expectancy increases, children would gain more stresses. Therefore I strongly recommend to any parents who are trying to force their children to study, to not to make them study. They would more prefer running around with their friends.


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  • Aurora!!

    I really agree with what you were saying, and i especially liked the last part of the paragraph!

  • :)avid

    yes, the idea of running around out side with your friends is a good idea, but junior school is the foundations for you child’s education and with out the strong and stable foundations children going into high school or middle school will suffer from this decision that will impact his/hers education, life, and future generations.

    Another not related concept is how will young kids run around with friends when they haven’t been to school to get friends. another reason for young kids to go to school at a young age is so that they learn how to relate to people in a social way and experience someone else’s view of the world. not just what mummy says is what goes.

    🙂 david 🙂

  • Dawn

    This is a very good essay and I totally agree with you!!!!
    When you are writing the essay, you look at the both side of the event. Which makes your essay more persuasive. People would be more convinced you, because everything have their good and bad side.

  • Diana Kim

    I agree the fact that what you said about the children needs to find their interesting part of studying by themselves. And I would recommend you to not say ‘to not to make them study’ for the last sentence because they need to study but not much ^^

  • Aaron

    Haha I totally agree with you. However, if you try going to google to find out about tiger moms, then the writer of the book, Amy Chua, would totally disagree with you. Actually in fact, you would find that she is totally unreasonable. Overall, I kind of agree with what you say. This is great.

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