Hunting Snake by Judith Wright (one body paragraph)

The poet choice of words (diction).

In the beginning of “Hunting Snake” Judith Wright it gives you the feeling of a perfection with the “sun-warmed ”during the “late season’s grace” and “autumn’s gentlest sky”. “Sun-warmed” gives you a cozy feeling. “Late season’s grace”, the word “grace” can normally be connected to the word beauty. Lastly “autumn’s gentlest sky”, the season “autumn” usually gives you the impression of a quiet and calm place, “gentlest” makes you feel relax which also adds on to the calmness of autumn. The poet then froze the perfect image as the “snake went reeling by”. The poet describe it as a “great black snake”, the words “great” gives you the feeling of something powerful, while “black” is a color that sometimes can be associated with darkness and give you the idea of and evil creature. This was what the image that the poet was trying to show the reader at first. Although the poet then tells how the sun shined at “his curve of diamond scale”, diamond is something that is precious and rare at the same time, this description of the scale of the snakes skin makes you wonder if the poet is trying to look at the beauty of the snake despite the impression that the snake was giving. However, the snake, almost as if it wanted to prove the poet wrong, attack it’s “small food” with a “fierce intent”. The “small food” show us size of the snake as it’s pert is consider small and it’s “fierce intent” shows its wildness as “fierce” can be also link to being wild. “Cold, dark, splendid he was gone”, the word “cold “can be related to the feeling of bitterness, “dark” give you a hint of mystery around the snake, “splendid ” a words closely linked to wonderful. This was the poet’s last thought of the snake as it vanished.

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