Horses – (Structure) Body Paragraph

‘Horses’ written by Edwin Muir is a poem that observes one aspect of the war due to the rapid development of technology. There are distinctive features (structures) of this poem that readers might find it as they read along. Every last word of the line has a word that rhymes with the word on the next line. For an instance:

” Perhaps some childish hour has come again,

When I watched fearful, through the blackening rain,

Their hooves like pistons in an ancient mill

Move up and down, yet seem as standing still

This structure of the rhyme occurs in every single stanza in this poem, plus it creates a external rhythmical sound as the readers read along. Another typical structure is that in this poem, every stanza has 4lines that readers can directly see it by looking at the whole poem. Like the quotation above, every single stanza is divided into 4 lines with 2 pairs of rhymes. In general, it is not easy to have rhymes and a fixed structure of equal lines in the stanza, but it influences readers by making a rhythmic sound which brings about the mind to keep on reading for readers. Therefore, structure is one of the main element that is needed and significant in the poem, in order to complete a wonderful poem


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