Chapter Seven Overview: The Great Gatsby

My first impression to chapter seven was that there is a lot that happens, and it is by far one of the most captivating of the chapters. Gatsby is acting differently, we learn that Gatsby has stopped throwing his infamous parties and has fired every servent he had and replaced them with people who wouldn’t gossip about him, which is curious. Most likely because he now has Daisy and he doesn’t want anyone to know abou it. Everyone is at The Buchannans house: Nick, Gatsby and Jordan along with Tom and Daisy. At the time Tom does know of the affair between Gatsby and Daisy and there is a lot of tension between Gatsby and him, even though he himself is also in an affair. Here, Daisy’s daughter is introduced. I thought this was really odd because of the behavior the child upheld, we also get this feeling because we are so far into the book and this was the first time we had met the daughter. This could suggest the neglect given to children from very rich parents and that the maid mainly takes care of her.

After that, Nick, Tom and Jordan go to Mr.Wilsons garage where Myrtle mistakes Jordan for Daisy and gets incredibly jealous. When they leave and meet up in the city Tom’s rage reaches its highest point and he confronts Daisy and Gatsby about their affair. It seems that Tom doesn’t really get it, he thinks that the only reason Daisy is with Gatsby is because hes very popular and has big, great parties. Again, emphasizing the fact that Tom is ignorant. The two men then fight and Daisy, very ladylike, leaves and goes back to long island. Leaving Nick and Jordan to watch Tom and Gatsby fight awkwardly but are insisted to be there. On the way back, they see a commotion around Mr.Wilsons garage, it seems to be that Myrtle got run over and killed by a yellow car. Tom is very suspicious of Gatsby but then realizes that it was Daisy who ran over Myrtle.

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