Chapter Five Overview: The Great Gatsby

The start of chapter five is slightly odd. Gatsby catches Nick when he comes home from a late party and invites him out again but really you can tell he just wanted to talk about the tea with Daisy. Its obvious to the reader that the only thing Gatsby wants is to be with Daisy once again because he wants everything perfect for her when she gets there. Gatsby sends over gardeners and a greenhouse with acceptable flowers for the occasion. I thought it was odd when Gatsby offered Nick a job that was “confidential”. When it comes to the day of the tea gathering you can tell Gatsby is very nervous and embarrassed, he gets cold feet just before she arrives and his hands are shaking throughout the time she is there. He is described as being “as pale as death” emphasizing the anxiety in Gatsby to meet the women he has loved for 5 years. Until Gatsby and Daisy start speaking to each other and there is an immediate spark between them and when they go over to Gatsby”s house they get even closer, so close they completely forget about Nick and he leaves. Daisy would stop talking and start crying, for example when Gatsby pulls out his shirts from his closet, this might be something else but I’m not quiet sure what it means.

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