Chapter 2 Response

Chapter 2 is interesting in the way that we get to see the influence that Tom has on people. It’s very easy to tell that when Tom is around, he can get people to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants because people depend on him and his money. This goes for Myrtle as well who it seems isn’t herself when he’s around as it seems as if she is of a higher status when he is around and that she can act differently. Myrtle’s husband, George, showed how weak he is for Tom as well in the beginning of the chapter where he changed his comment about the car immediately as to be sure that Tom isn’t mad at him. It may even be that George is aware of their affair but he relies on Tom so much that he has no choice but to pretend as if it’s nothing in order to still earn money.

Myrtle is funny to read about as she sounds as if she is the very opposite of Daisy, which can be the reason that Tom is attracted to her. But it also seems that if Myrtle changes the way she is to become a more upperclass sort of person, Tom may dump her as he may consider that she is too much like everyone else that he knows of and she is not that special to him anymore. Myrtle may think that it’s going to last forever but we all know that this is not the case.

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