“A Birthday” – Christina Rossetti

“A Birthday” is a beautifully written poem by Christina Rossetti, which contains a good deal of outstanding features features. The most obvious features that is shown in this poem is the rhymes; the rhymes in the poem creates a rhythmic beat when you read it. From the first stanza, it is noticeable that the poet used the words “my heart” a couple of times in the first stanza, I think this creates a nice “melody” when you start reading it.

One of the features that I was most fond of is the atmosphere that it created. Firstly she used a variety of birds; “a singing birds” to covey happiness and joy, “doves” to express her feeling of peace and “peacock with hundreds eyes” to show the beauty of her feelings. She does not only use animals to create the atmosphere of “A Birthday” but also different colors. In the second stanza she used “gold”, ”silver” and “purple” which in my opinion, to some extent are “bright” colors that represents cheerfulness.

I’m also amused of the way that she hyperbolizes in her poem; which is another creative feature. On the first stanza she exaggerates the fact that “an apple-tree “ would be able to grow “thick-set fruits”. The exaggerations continue as she mention “halcyon sea”, which is I thought was ironic since when you think about the sea you would used adjectives like “wild, “fierce” or “conflicting” instead of “halcyon”. In the second stanza, first line describe a “dais” made out of “silk” and “down” both which are material that are considered good-quality this once again shows how she exaggerates her sentences.

Overall I liked reading and understanding “A Birthday”, despite the fact where I the second stanza was lacking a little compare to the first. Personally enjoyed the first stanza better where it repeats “my heart”, I thought it would be nice for it to continue the pattern in the second stanza as well, but overall both stanza was nicely written. All in all, I thought this was a poem was worth reading.

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