I have learnt about poetry that…

First of All, asking “What does that peom means?” to a poetry is a wrong question to ask. When I have heard that asking what the poem means is the wrong question from Mr. MacKnight, I felt really odd, because I am the one who likes to ask what the poem is talking about. Instead of doing that Mr. MacKnight told us to think about the tree – just like we listen to the leaf shaking, just like we climb up the tree and have some fun, just like we touch the tree and feel it, we have to treat the poetry the same. We first have to read silently without thinking and puzzling the words out, then try to listen the poem by listening to others, reading the poem, and finally we have to try to figure how does the poem works.

I found out that each person has the different ideas or opinions to the poem, some may think that the poem is boring, because the words that are being used are difficult and there is no rhyme. However some readers may think that the poem is actually very interesting, because there are lots of imagery words to let them imagine what is going on.


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