As A Reader

As a reader, we have to acknowledge not only the wide range of vocabularies and ability to analyze the characters, but also the background knowledge in order to understand in more depth about what author is trying to tell us and understanding  the story.

There are various types of books with different genres, fiction, non-fiction and media etc. Among them, I often enjoy reading fiction with mysterious, adventurous and romance genre. I am usually forced to read books, because I don’t take pleasure in any other types of books. I rarely read books, becuase I have great difficulty of what author is exactly telling the readers as well as limited range of vocabularies I have. Often, I find figuring out the meaning of the sentences hard. For an instance, some authors write the sentences that can be figured out to have more than one meaning. Therefore, sometimes I have hardships reading when I get to those vague sentences.

Accordingly, me as a reader, I consider that I am a reader who needs to be keep improved by increasing me reading speed and expanding my vocabularies.

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  • Ariel

    Diana, I don’t know what to say, these are precisely what I think about reading. I like the way you describe what a good reader should be and the ability to figure out your own weaknesses is. Your descriptions about genre of books are very accurate. And surprisingly we like the same types of books, maybe we should exchange books sometimes. When reading your understanding of yourself, I’m unexpected to see that you actually don’t read books! I thought you read books all the time even in buses. Anyway, reading is good, so try to change your attitude about reading and read as much as you can! We can try together, haha

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