Drawing the Wrong Lesson

In “Drawing the Wrong Lesson” by Max Hastings, an interesting point is made, where he claims that people tend to only believe in the history of their own country which is worth cherishing, and ignore the parts of history that are not glorious.

I believe that this is true. If we take a look […]

Drawing the wrong lesson

In the essay, “Drawing the wrong lesson” by Max Hastings, the danger and complicity of writing and learning about history is investigated. The main issue brought up is the fact that most people cherish the national myths of their nation, and many less attractive parts are being either ignored, or manipulated.

If this is […]


For ‘internationalism’ of IB core value, it means open minded to accept most things to learn and develop quickly. Also, it has meaning of an idea that aim to overcome boundaries of individual nation and difference to become solidarity, cooperation and unification of the world. I want to interpret internationalism, as second meaning for […]

Drawing the wrong lesson

“International-mindness” means how much a person knows of the events that occur around the world. The term not only refers to our own understanding of our own culture or history but also other cultures and the history that goes along. Sometimes knowing an abundance of current events or taking a world history class would result in the […]

Storytelling as a WOK

I think storytelling is essential as a WOK. It plays an important role to how we receive information. On the article “Narrative Science” Daniel Willingham compares the result of students who read a text in a typical expository fashion and students who read it in terms of a personal story of the scientist. The […]


We watched the video about the surprising science of happiness. He gave me various ides to think about what is the real happiness, however, I don’t agree for some points that he said. Firstly, I have different idea about the choice between person who is winning the lottery and person who is becoming paraplegic. […]

Does your language shape how you think?_HJ

“Does your language shape how you think” by GUY DEUTSCHER was very interesting essay which was an essay that I never came across before. All this what can be regarded as a “dark secret” of language was rather mind-blowing. This essay talked about many things that we normally come across in our ordinary life, but never thought […]

Hiding Emotions

After reading this booklet about emotion, what we talked about in class came into my mind. In class, we talked about the need to hide our emotions. Although it’s not always good to hide our emotions, it is necessary to know when to express your emotions and when not to. Emotions are feelings and […]

Articles on Language

Sol and I have read an article about “15 Wonderful Words with no English Equivalent”. Despite the rough 1 million words in the English language, several terms get lost through translation. Some languages include Persian, Ulwa, Italian, Yiddish, Inuit, Hawaiian, Turkish, Czech, Japanese, German and several more.

In my opinion, this relates to TOK […]

To what extent do you trust an authority figure?

First of all, the name authority figure comes from the fact that they are professional at certain area. By professional it means that they are better at that area more than others. For instance, teachers. Teachers are qualified to teach and are educated to teach so that they can professionally teach students. For students […]


From the IBO TOK Guide (first exams in 2015):

How does language shape knowledge? Does the importance of language in an area of knowledge ground it in a particular culture? How are metaphors used in the construction of knowledge?

Language can refer to the mental faculty which allows people to learn and use complex […]

To what extent should we trust an authority figure?

To what extent should we trust an authority figure?

To what extent should we trust an authority figure? How do we first define someone as an authority figure? An authority figure is someone whom we look for to give us advice in something they specialize in. What kind of traits or qualities should an […]

“Something stronger than reason”

Pierre smiled, Natasha began to laugh, but Nicholas knitted his brows still more and began proving to Pierre that there was no prospect of any great change and that all the danger he spoke of existed only in his imagination. Pierre maintained the contrary, and as his mental faculties were greater and […]

Political Ad and Wok

“Next Century” was an advertisement for Clinton in the year 1996. The advertisement use effects of different ways of knowing to show the leadership to the public. Every slide show of the movie was as meaningful such as it may influence the public.

The American flag appeared a lot of time as a reason […]

Successful Leader (Bush, 2000)

In TOK class, I and Andrea watched a political advertisement called ‘successful leader’. This advertisement was created in 2000 when George W. Bush came forward as a candidate for President in the USA President election. In the advertisement, he used many ways of knowing which are emotion, language and perception.

I think emotion took […]

Political Ad

The ad shows open landscapes with President Obama speaking in the background saying that the government helped out build your business and that you didn’t build it on your own. This makes people that have built their own business mad as they feel that they have done everything by themselves and that they have […]

Political Ad and WoK

Dangerous World by George W Bush Jr. (2000)

In this ad George Bush Jr. is advertising his foreign policies. To express this the ad portraits the image of a young girl wandering in what looks to be a deserted military camp. The ads also displays missiles and bombs being fired. The young girl starts […]

Successful Leader

“Successful Leader” (Bush, 2000)

Click here for video

“Successful Leader” was an advertisement for George W. Bush in the year, 2000. In this advertisement, the different ways of knowing are used (emotion, perception, reasoning and language). The two ways that are mostly used are emotion and language, a small amount of perception and reasoning.


Political Ad and WoK

Political Ad (Surgeon – Clinton, 1996): Democrat Row – 5th Video

While Political Ads normally focus upon manipulating emotions, other ways of knowing are still, hopefully, somewhat incorporated in these kinds of commercials. This Ad focused upon education and children. The ad begins with children listing off their aspirations. Immediately, there are implications of children being […]

Political ad and wok- “Revolving door” (Bush, 1988)

“Revolving door” was the advertisement against Dukakis, It showed the Furlough which was the law that Dukakis brought to Massachusetts. Furlough stated that any murderer, rapist or kidnapper would be able to leave un-paid and would come back after a limited time. Dukakis made a mistake and let out these convicts into the daily […]

“We Will Bury You”-Wok

In the political ad “We Will Bury You” in 1964, I think Goldwater used two ways of knowing in the ad.

Obviously, one of them is emotion. How do we know that? First, we can see some American children are pledging with the teacher before the class. When do people pledge? When you are […]

Political Ad and WoK

Michelle Zheng and I watched a political advertisement of Clinton in 1996 named ‘Surgeon’. This mainly talks about the education that Clinton will cut the tax for tuition, provide scholarship and make most college for free.

This Ad put the children who is talking about their dream in the future in the front to […]

Ice cream cones and… nuclear warheads?(Political Ad and WoK)

I looked at the campaign video of Lyndon B. Johnson’s election campaign in 1964.  The video is one minute long featuring the image of a little girl eating an ice cream cone.  There is a voice over of soothing female voice talking of how Barry Goldwater would like to continue to test nuclear bombs, […]

Political Add and WoK- Peace Little Girl (Johnson, 1964)

This add was to support votes of Johnson against Goldwater. The add featured a little girl contrasted with a nuclear explosion. It successfully played into the viewers emotions and the other WoK like reason were coupled together with emotion. With Johnson using emotion to conflict the voters decision he managed to create […]

Political Ad and WoK

Just now, Dash and I watched the political advertisement called “Ice Cream Cone”. This advertisement showed a little girl eating ice cream and the narrator talks about how dangerous nuclear bomb is and says Barry Morris Goldwater, the rival of  Lyndon B. Johnson, is trying to test the dangerous radioactive particles. This advertisement reasons that […]

Emotion and Reason

In last TOK class, we started to talk about the last way of knowing—emotion.

In our four ways of knowing, all the guys agree that reason is the most opposed to emotion. Well, in my opinion, I said that emotion is a kind of chemical reaction happens automatically in our minds. Then, Mrs Connah […]

Group 6 —-emotion

Actually, I do not study and subject in Group 6 (art,music,drama,dance etc.). However, I like listening to music and watching films, so I really think emotion is a way of knowing by my own experience.

Certainly, music is a popular tendency in the world. Almost everyone around us will listen to music , including […]

Thinking about languages, or what they think about you?

The past few discussions we have had in class have put a significant emphasis on language, one of our ways of knowing.  Through a language you can also understand a society’s nature and culture.  This is apparent in all societies around the world today.  The articles we have read discuss this fact further and […]

Vat with a brain in it

If martians truly did fly down to Earth just last night, drug me and remove my brain, and then fly it back to Mars to plug into a virtual reality machine, then I am not in reality, typing up this blog post.  But how does one know if this happened or not?

The answer […]

A silent film

On  last Friday, just the day before our holiday, we watched a quite frank film in TOK class. If you ask me how strange  the film  was, I would say that ,firstly, this film had none word which meat it was totally dumb . Secondly, this film had no a clear subject, so I […]

Why emotion trumps reason

From the NY Times, “Inside the Mind of Worry”.

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Is my life real

Well, I cannot know exactly or have any evidence to prove that my brain is not in a vat. However, I don’t like to accept  that my brain is controlled by others. So, I choose to believe my life is real and I am real.

If you ask me why I think I am […]

Today’s society on hearing and seeing

How has today’s society structured our world to create a dominance for sight and hearing?

Today everything is pretty much about seeing and hearing things. Things such as advertisements usually rely fairly heavily on people being able to see or at least hear. Everyday traffic relies on you being able to hear the cars and to be able […]

How has our today’s society structured our world to create dominance for sight and hearing

In our last TOK class, the results of choosing most important perception were quite similar among the students. Most of us thought sight was most important and the next was hearing. Frankly, I made this decision without a hesitation because I cannot image a world in dark!

Why do people desire their sight so […]


On 30th of august, our TOK class students had our first ever TOK conference. To see the diversity and different perspective point of views from other people have given me much more understanding about TOK and it also made me realize how shallow my thought is compare to others.

The experience i got from […]

TOK reflection

  Last Thursday, our teachers took us to younger hotel to help us know more about TOK. This is really healpful because we just touch this subject for one week. The activity help us to know what is TOK, what we need to learn. In the trip, Teachers organized lots of intersting […]

TOK Reflection

Before I have taken TOK class, I had no idea about TOK. I did not have any understanding about it.  However, as I took more and more TOK classes, TOK class has become very fun; it was very interesting to listen to opinions of other students. Because everyone has had different ideas on one […]

TOK Reflection

I wasn’t sure what to expect from the TOK Conference as there wasn’t much that was given away regarding what the day was actually going to entail. However I found the day very enjoyable and informative about the course. I enjoyed being able to work in groups and how relaxed the atmosphere was. I thought […]

TOK Reflection

Until now, I have had several Theory Of Knowledge classes as a part of the IB course. When I took the first TOK class, I was very confused. I just had to think about a lot of things that I have not thought before. I was also quite scared, because all we have to […]

TOK Reflection

I have only had a few TOK lessons and it’s already making me see things differently and think more about everything. For example before TOK lessons started I never really thought about how do we know things. The TOK conference last week was a great experience for me. It taught me a lot and […]

TOK reflection

I think TOK class is very good for developing our thinking. we can think in different direction or different way. Sometimes it’s quite hard to understand other peoples thinking but I think it’s a good idea that change the point of view and discuss it. However, i think we don’t have to change our minds every times. Someone […]

TOK Reflection

We have only had a couple of TOK classes but I’ve already learned so much over the last few days. TOK is about how we how we know what we know. It seems very easy at first when you think about that, I automatically think that our knowledge come from all of my classes. […]

TOK reflection

From last year, I was worried about TOK class because I heard that the class needs lots of deep thinking and there’s no right or wrong answer. Now, I had 2 0r 3 TOK classes and I knew why year above students said like that. First TOK gave me confusions. Several ways of knowing? […]

TOK reflection

On August 30th, our Y12 students spent a whole day on TOK to know more about this class. To be honest, it was quite exciting to me since I hadn’t have class like this before, and it was great to know more about my new classmates. If you ask me what TOK really was […]

TOK reflection

TOK is definitely becoming one of the more interesting subjects at the moment. At first i had no idea of what to expect from the course but it is continuously becoming more interesting. In class we discuss various amounts of different subjects and thoughts some of which have never even occurred to me in the past. The whole course is […]

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