Ethical Reasoning

In 2 hours of classes, I have done my ethical reasoning exercise. There are 2 scenarios. In one scenario, I become the ruler of a nation and make decisions on abortion in 5 situations. On the another one, I become the woman who pregnant.

It was very hard to decide whether I should […]

Ethical Reasoning

This exercise revealed to me that ethical reasoning is quite an interesting collection of theories, which supposedly enable people to make the best decision. Each one has characteristics that will make it a suitable approach, however each on also has flaws therefore making its applicability for every case impossible. For instance, the utilitarian approach […]

Real life situation

We have discussing what we believed and what we choose to do, but human action are not always what we expect. Different people had different thinking, a boy see a flower he said it’s white, but the girl said it’s pink. This is the different situation we have when we facing a same fact.

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Sense perception

Sense perception is understanding gained through the use of one of the senses such as sight, taste, touch or hearing. However, after watching the TED Talk, I started to think we should not 100% sure about our senses or 100% believe them. The video, the gorilla one, is the example. How can half of […]


what is emotion? emotion related to our feeling , and it could change all the time. when i did things meaningful, exciting, things make me feel happy, that is emotion. but when i was upset, touchy it also emotion. emotion also could means relationship, family, love and so on. so i think when have […]


Most people would think that math or hard sciences like physics and chemistry are not related to emotions, but art, music, dance or maybe soft sciences are more like emotional. (At least I thought like that at the first time.) The reason is that they do not really need emotions. For example, the equation […]


One part of the Emotions booklet that I found particularly interesting was “The James-Lange Theory.” The idea that the way our bodies react to a certain environment creates a particular emotion is peculiar to some extend as you assume that you feel sad and therefore have all the symptoms that you are experiencing. The […]

Response to Article

The article we read was “How 50 Big Companies Got Their Names”. I realize that most of companies had their original names shortened/abbreviated and many company names are the first name/surname of the creator of the company, e.g. Adobe is named after Adobe Creek, the co-founder. It seems that the abbreviated names are intended […]

Are Bilinguals Smarter?

An article by Ellen Bialystok discusses the advantages of being Bilingual. Bialystok expresses that Bilinguals are better at multitasking and have better cognitive functions, thus would it be far-fetched to argue that Bilinguals are smarter than monolinguals? Bialystok explains how the brain is “the executive control system” of our body, and allows us to […]

Article-“The Bilingual Advantages”

This article is basically talking about the advantages of being bilingual. For example, bilingualism helps forestall the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and it might help with multitasking. However, I think being able to speak more than one language is a double-edged sword, there are also negative effects. In my case, my mother was English […]

Thinking Literally: Response

“Metaphors aren’t just how we talk and write, they’re how we think.” Personally, I believe it is incredible to think that metaphors influence our perception of the world to such a great extent. I find it fascinating how we would have no understanding of the abstract ideas, which are fundamental to the proper functioning […]

To What Extent Do We Trust Authority Figures

Upon hearing the word “authority” it brings to mind many different connotations. We assume that people with this title have a certain level of expertise in their field since they must have been more successful at what they do than other people. Thus, what enables us to determine whether we should trust them fully […]

To what extent do you trust on authority figure?

An expert is defined as a person who is very skilled at doing something or who knows a lot about a particular subject. The reason why most of people tend to trust experts may be that people know that experts have more knowledge and experience than them so those people’s thoughts make experts’ image […]

The Nacirema

This satirical anthropology essay highlights the effect of bias on research in the human sciences. By using words that portray a primitive society the author creates a crude picture in our mind of this “foreign” culture. Upon rereading the essay we realize that the Nacirema reflect our own modern society. Through the authors use […]

Science is Required

The IB is meant to prepare students for the depth, rigor, and range of classes in university. In the american school system the first year or two of university, include a broad range of courses that all incoming students must take. Several of these classes are hard sciences. In this context, yes, science must […]

Yea it’s useless, but its a Science

According to the information in this article, I believe Umbrellaology to be a science. His laws and theories are based solely off data collected in a scientific manner. As he collected data he created and refined hypotheses to achieve a better understanding of his field. He continues to test his hypotheses and is spreading […]

We Will Bury You

This advertisement supporting Barry Goldwater relies intensively on emotion and perception as “ways of knowing”. Feeding off of America’s fear of communism, the tv spot depicts Khrushchev delivering a violent speech to the Russian people in which he exclaims “We will bury you!” and demands that the children of Russia remain good communists. In […]

Emotion in our life (group 6)

In last TOK class, we talked about emotion as a way of knowing. From my point of view, all subjects in a group 6 (art, music, theather, film, music, dance) related to emotion. Any people can express their feelings, mood through these items.

So, i think emotion plays important role in our life, […]

Existence Based On Perception

If my brain was stimulated from birth, there would be no way for me to fabricate sensory perception and “natural” behavior. Our minds do not inform us of our needs and wants, but society and experience make clear our objectives. We aren’t programmed knowing the difference between right and wrong, we are told, and […]


Listening to the talk between Lopate and Matousek was quite eye opening for me. During this talk M explains why emotions are the main foundation for living an ethical life, M also explains that without emotions, humans cannot be ethically ‘good’.

In some ways I agree with this idea that humanbeings need emotion. […]

what makes us feel good

In the talk between Lopate and Matousek, Mark Matousek explains why he believe that emotions are the foundation of ethical life and that without emotions, human beings cannot be “good people”. In the talk Matousek examines morality from a scientific, sociological, and anthropological viewpoint.

I agree that “emotions are the foundation of ethical […]

Human Rights

I agree with David, Human Rights don’t really exist. They’re a brilliant idea on paper, but they just don’t apply perfectly all the time.

I believe that Human Rights and what we all think we are entitled to, are nestled into our culture. Being brought up within certain cultures will influence the rights […]

Where do human rights come from?

Human rights do not really exist. Human rights have only been thought up as a response to hardship endured under governments. I’m not sure who said it, but I remember someone saying “if freedom is not enjoyed by everyone, then it is a privilege and not a right”.

Furthering on from my discussion with […]

Abortion task

Through this task, i realised how hard it must be for leaders of countries/law makers. When creating laws regarding anything that is a touchy ethical subject, they will have such a hard job! No two cases will be the same. For example, one woman may have been brutally raped and wishes to abort the […]

What i learnt Ethics

This exercise allowed me to consider other peoples perspectives, even in the most bazar situations. It made me think about the consequences from a utilitarian approach, religious approach etc before coming to an instant conclusion according to what i think. Something that a leader of a country would need in order to set regulation […]


Through this exercise I have learned that ethics are not morals. It seems easy to mistake morals and ethics to be the same or at least related, but what is unmistakable is that ethical models are only models for human behavior – not models for being good people. We often say “that is unethical” […]

Ethics Rankings

This is how i rated the people. 1 being the best 5 being the worst.

1=L. the reasoning why i thought the Lady was the best is because she did everything she could just to get back to the man she loved even if it meant sleeping with another man and paying a double […]

24th August 2012

After class the other day, i found it really interesting sitting in the common room, listening to everyone sharing their opinions on why certain characters were worse than others. I took on board what others were saying, but i still stand by my original decision; Best; The woman This woman did all she could […]

Bias. Bias. Bias.

I hate this word, it’s used so much through everything, and within history everything is biased. Psychology the researches can be biased thus compromising the study for our use. Our lesson on bias hasn’t really changed what I thought I know about bias. I guess its psychology that helped me be definitive in my […]

Maths and Representation

Regarding the axioms: Rene Magritee a french artist who said drew a pipe (a smoking pipe) and beneath it wrote (but in french) “This is not a pipe”. Because it was a drawing of a pipe, but not an actual pipe. You cannot smoke it.

But the points we draw are not points. They’re […]


I enjoyed doing my presentation, although i did get a crappy grade. In hindsight there are countless things i would do differently, but hey, hindsight is a wonderful thing! I think my biggest flaw was not showing two sides of the argument. This is something i feel can be easily overcome and I know […]

A Reflection on the TOK Presentations

I feel like everyone did well.

I myself did not expect myself to do well. I had prepared and read it back to myself (why I didn’t need any notes), but without notes I was pretty lost for words at points. I repeated stuff such as “basically…” and “so what that means is…”. This […]

TOK presentations

I learnt a lot from these presentations, from both the students that presented them, but also from the feedback i was given after i did my presentation. The most useful piece of advise that i was given was to not answer the question as if its a history presentation, but to think more about […]

Allegory of the cave

Allegory of the cave: I found this really interesting and it made me questions whats “real” and whats not. The dictionary definition of “real” is something to be actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed. However the question we get from this is how do we know if […]

How essential is maths in ones life?

Math is important because it is the most widely used subject in the world. Every career uses some sort of math. More importantly, doing math helps the mind to reason and organized complicated situations or problems into clear, simple, and logical steps making life a whole lot easier! Thus, as students learn more math, […]


I, like a lot of people, believe that story telling is the root of pretty much everything. The details we know about the history of the world, our familys, our personal history all comes from people telling us variations of stories, leaving us to group the information together and determine our own idea, making […]

What knowledge can be gained from the study of literature?

-cultures and beliefs by reading religious books such as the bible and other biographies we get a better insight into different religions and cultures

-vocabulary expand by reading books of literature it expands your vocabulary

-to know were not alone if you suffer from a certain sickness or disability you can read biographies or […]

My streets:)

I’ve split my city into male and female named streets/avenues/roads/lanes/drives because I believe that they have all been equally influential. Instead of focusing on science or music or history, i’ve done a mix 

I’ll start with Women,

Norma Jeane Avenue – Marilyn Monroe. A beautiful sex icon for years. I’ve put […]

My City Streets

1) Ronaldo Boulevard

One of the top paid footballers ever known, scored 41 goals in a single premier league season.

2)Messi Street

The most paid footballer in the world, the youngest player to receive the ball o dor 3 times. Scored 50 goals in a single season in La Liga. Beat the record of Barcelona’s top […]

Street names!

Okay, this seems like an interesting task! I’ve decided that I would like to name my streets after famous people who’ve changed history in some way. I’m quite apprehensive about writing changing history as we’re just discussing what history is and all, but to clear it up, I just mean that they did something […]

Street Names

Instead of naming the streets of my city with the names of all kinds of memorable people throughout history, I will focus on musicians.  You could think of the city as split into districts that pay homage to musicians of different genres in music.

In the oldest part of town (kind of like Suzhou’s […]

20 Street Names

1) Amy Tan Boulevard She is someone I look up to and think would be a good role model to many girls so she can be named after a Boulevard.

2) Helen Keller Street She is such an amazing person because she accomplished so much and had such faith in herself when she […]

Naming street

Bold: biggest road Underlined: middle-sized Plain: normal road.

1.         Mahatma Gandhi

He led non-violence movement Satyagraha in South Africa in order to go against the unfair practices of England towards Indian inhabitants. This acknowledged humanity that justice could prevail without the use of violence.

2.         Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was […]

Naming Streets

Naming streets, boulevards, avenues and roads in a town after people?… Sounds fun 😀

Before doing that, lets define boulevard, streets and roads:

Boulevard: Two lanes in each direction seperated by a median of trees or greenery

Avenue: Two lanes in each direction in a nicer part of town

Street: Any number of lanes in […]

The cold case of mark pullen

From the ID found on the body we can assume that the person is Mark Pullen, unless it was planted there for reasons unknown. From the evidence gathered we can map out his planned timeline. We know that he is an English studies student at Darwin college University of Kent at Canterbury, and we […]

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