Truman Show Post 2

In moments of madness, I too, wonder whether you are all just a bunch of actors in a false environment where there is a producer dictating my entire life. But, then, I remember that my life is not interesting enough for millions to watch, and that I am just being silly. We all have […]

Truman Show Post 1

Okay, so I’m way behind on my posts so I’m just going to do them all today. I have been very busy recently so most of my work for ToK has been saved as Word documents ready to post on this blog. I’m sorry for the lateness.

In what ways is Truman’s life fake?


Truman show 2

Last Friday, we finished the movie “The Truman Show”. Actually, I am confused with the situation because the audience clapped and cheered when Truman left. Did they know it meant they will lose their favorite TV show forever? Or they cheered because Truman came to their real lives now? This question is really hard […]

Truman show

I’ve watched Truman show and I’ve thought about ‘what is real things?’ This movie shows us that we have to think about ‘how you going to justify real or fake’ and I was quite confused about it. I think Truman is real and at last he realize that all of things around him was […]

The Truman show (2/2)

On friday, our T.O.K class finished watching “The Truman show”. After watching movie, our class doubt each other like a Truman. when we doubt each other, I really thought about the question “What is the concept of reality”.

In my opinion, Reality is a perfect thing. The concept what can causing doubt like a contradiction cannot exist […]

Trumans life

We don’t know if we are in the same situation as truman because we have no certain knowledge of the world beyond the universe… In some views it is said that god is the producer and director.

Since we don’t know everything 100% it is a big question to ask, are we all being […]

Reality, Independent of Us

Though Truman as an individual is legitimate, he does not live reality (as we accept it) until he escapes the set of his television program. According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, reality is something that is neither derivative nor dependent, but exists necessarily. This is to say, reality is whether we acknowledge its existence or not. […]

The Validity of Truman’s Existance

In our past two class periods of TOK, we watched The Truman Show. The film follows the life of a man, adopted by a corporation, to be the star of a television show. He is unknowingly brought up in a fake town with actors playing the roles of his friends, family, and neighbors, while […]

El espectàculo de Truman

I believe that it’s safe to say for most of us in this school, this is the real world.  It’d be kind of hard to fake a world in which one travels to completely different places quite frequently.   There’s no way to really fake the millions of people living in Suzhou(or is there?).


The Truman Show 2

I agree with ‘We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.’ I think the concept of reality in Truman’s life and my own experience is basically what we believe in. The things that we are presented since from we were small we automatically accept that it is the reality. This […]

The Truman Show 2/2

“We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.”

This is a very interesting quote because it is actually like reality. Truman, just like us, is born into the world of the reality TV show. He then accepts that this is his life, and that’s why he never really doubt about […]

The Truman Show 1/2

We are watching the movie The Truman Show in TOK lessons this week. It is about how Truman lives in a life that a producer creates for him for a TV show. The producer planned all the things that will happen in Truman’s life, including the death of his father, his wife and so […]

Truman Show 2

“We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.” -Christo, The Truman Show

According to Oxford American Dictionary, the word ‘reality’ means the state of things as they actually exist, as opposed to an idealistic or notional idea of them. In Truman’s life, reality means the same, no matter his life is […]

The Truman Show(2)

Last Friday , we finished the movie ” The Truman Show” , at the end the movie, Truman finally find the truth and leave the TV show, go to the truth world. After watching, I had question” What is the reality ? ”, Truman believe his life is true over 30 years, but at […]

The Truman Show Response 2

Reality really is what we believe and what we ‘know’. Sometimes you wonder if maybe you are in a dream but then there are things that makes us realize that we can’t possibly be. In dreams really anything can happen. We can fly, we are imortal etc… But in reality we are none of […]

Truman Show 1

The Truman Show we watched on Wednesday’s TOK class was great. It stands out from any other movies I have watched before, because the protagonist Truman is not in fact acting, he is indeed living normally without any fake emotion, fake expression, fake action.

I think Truman it’s not fake but his life is […]

The Truman Show – part 2

On 14th of September, I watched the whole part of ‘The Truman Show’ in TOK class. The story of the movie reminded me the movie called ‘Matrix’ (in which I do not get what was all about in ‘Matrix 3’): what we think is real life is not always the truth. How do we […]

The Truman Show 1

After watching the first half of ‘The Truman Show’, I think that Truman is not fake because he’s just like any ordinary person, living his life. Truman is an actual person, not imagined and he is not an actor because he doesn’t know he is in a TV show. Therefore Truman is not fake.


The Truman Show (1)

We saw a movie called ” The Truman Show” last week , we just finished half part of the movie last wednesday. In the movie , the leading role’s name is Truman, he fells his life was fake, he fell someone look at him and when he want to go outside of the town , […]

The Truman Show 2

The other day in class we finished watching the Truman Show. I thought it was an interesting movie that had an interesting concept and plot to it.

In the movie Truman thought he lived a normal life unaware of what was actually happening around him and that the whole world was watching his every […]

The Truman Show 2/2

In the last TOK class, we finished watching ‘The Truman Show’. The first question that I asked to my friends after finishing watching movie was ‘are you an actor or actress?’. Imagine we are in a similar situation to Truman. I do not think there is a way to know that we are in […]

The Truman Show 2

Last week, we watched whole part of the movie. “The Truman Show”. I was very happy that the movie finishes with happy ending. As I was watching the movie, I had question about “what is reality?”.  Because sometimes, we just take some things for granted. Truman also has believed everything that happened to him […]

The Truman Show Ending

I never really understood the entire “concept of reality” thing. I suppose that, in the light of Truman’s reveal that his life was not as it seemed (and was a fabrication of a TV show producer), that “we accept the reality of the world with which we are presented” (kudos, Christof). Wikipedia, erroneously or […]

The Truman Show 2/2

As humans we take many things for granted such as our ability to walk, talk, breathe, since we are used to it and we know how to do it. Although we take it for granted but there is a possibility that it will disappear. For example: Many people take health for granted, which means […]

The Truman Show 2/2

On Friday, October 15th , i watched the rest of the Truman show movie. In the end Truman was able to discover about the true nature of the world he lived in and he was determined to escape from his fabricated world and went to the real world. It was hilarious, but at the […]

The Truman Show

When I compare Truman’s life with my own, I realize there are similarities and differences. The similarities between my life and Truman’s is that both of us make our own decisions and choices. The main difference between our lives is that he lived in a fake environment and I don’t.

In our life-time we […]

The Truman show

The other day in TOK class, we watched a movie called ‘The Truman Show’. The movie is about a man called ‘truman’ who thinks he lives in the real world, but in fact he just simply live in the studio tv which reconstructed like a real world and present to him in the way […]

The Truman Show

On 12th of September, I watched half the movie of ‘The Truman show’ in the TOK class. Truman’s life is a TV show, in which everything around him has been fabricated. Before Truman starting to doubt what is real, the woman he loved said that people around him are actors, the sand is artificial. […]

The Truman Show

On friday, our class finished watching a movie called, ‘The Truman Show’. I personally enjoyed watching this movie because, it interested me since beginning of the movie till the end.

As I was watching this movie, I started to think that our lives may been manipulated by higher authorities. Moreover, I think people question […]

The Truman Show 2/2

On friday, my class finished watching The Truman Show. Actually, I have already watched this movie before, so I could concentrate on the story and also some details. However, it was still hard to get what the movie wants to tell the audiences.

At the end of the story, the director of the truman […]

The Truman Show Response: The Entire Movie

“We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.” -Christo, The Truman Show

Last TOK lesson, we finished the movie, The Truman Show. I really enjoyed the movie, it was so unusual and had such a great concept and plot to it.

The concept of reality in Truman’s life at the […]

Truman Show

I think peoples’ reaction towards truman made his life fake. I say this because, when Truman reversed the situation people who try to trick him became confused.  Also, when Truman appeared on television, peoples’ reaction didn’t convey any emotion towards him.

Moreover, I think truman is fake, because people could easily manipulate  one’s life, […]

The Truman show (1/2)

In TOK class, we watched the movie, Truman show,to think about Truman’s life. Although we just watched a half of it, but i think it is enough to explain about the character, Truman.

When i watched the first part of the movie, i thought Truman’s life is true because it’s just a normal person’s life. so i couldn’t understand […]

The Truman Show

Yesterday, we watched a movie called “the Truman Show” in TOK class. I quite knew content of it because I have seen a parody of the Truman Show before.  Now, we just watched half of it, but we are going to watch other bit tomorrow.

The movie was very interesting to watch. Truman. a […]

The Truman Show

On Wednesday, we watched ‘The Truman Show’ in our TOK class. I have heard about the movie but I have not watched it before. I was really confused at the beginning part of the movie, because I have not imagined that a person’s life can be fake and everyone is watching the person’s life on the […]

The Truman Show Beginning

Before I go on any further, I have to admit that I’m not new to ‘The Truman Show’, as this has been the umpteenth time I’ve watched it, and not the first time I’ve had to do a type of analysis thereof. With that disclaimer done, I shall move on.

Truman’s life, in a nutshell, is […]

truman show?

Truman show was a very interesting movie. It was fun and impressive. I’m not quite sure about story but I’m sure that he is living in the man-made world. I’m not going to say “His life is fake.” because he is living his own life. It ‘s not something like dream, illusion or visual […]

The Truman Show 1/2

1. In what ways is Truman’s life fake?

Truman’s life is become a fake life by showing to the others as a popular television show. Also his life is controlled by the producer or director. For exemple, Truman’s wife was already chosen by the director, even he liked another girl. Every single happening, device, […]

The Truman Show

On Wednesday in TOK class, we watched the start of the movie, ‘The Truman Show’. I think that Truman’s life is ‘fake’ because everything around him is planned. His life is like a TV show, since the things surrounding him are all being specifically placed. This makes Truman’s life ‘fake’, since everything that happens […]

The Truman show 1

Yesterday was my first time to hear about and watch the movie  ‘The Truman Show’. Frankly, this movie was fantastic and it really attracted me a lot! At the beginning, I had no doubt to say that Truman’s life was fake because everything and everyone around him was staged and planned. Truman was the […]

Response to The Truman Show

Truman’s life is fake in the way that everyone around him is acting and are actually hired actors who get paid to pretend to be Truman’s wife, friends, boss etc… However, Truman’s life only really becomes fake when he realizes this. If Truman never were to realize that his life is not what it […]

The Truman show

The other day in class we watched a movie called the Truman show. I had never seen the movie before but a lot of the people around me had and they all said that it was an interesting movie. We only watched half of the movie in class and we are watching the rest […]

The Truman Show

Today we watched part of the movie, ‘The Truman Show.’ I had never heard of the movie, but people around me kept saying it was really good. I realized that Truman, in the movie, lives a fake life. The people around him act and live according to him, and everything revolves around Truman. He […]

The Truman Show

Truman’s life is fake, as he in fact lives in a TV studio and is surrounded by actors. Since he was born he grew up in reality show, watched 24 hours, everyone knows him. The environment he lives in is a town surrounded by a big dome with special effects directing the different stage […]

Truman and his life

I consider Trumans life “fake” because everything is based on him, every move he makes gets recorded and everything in his life is planned by producers ect.. His life is a show. Everything in the city that Truman lives in is “perfect” everyday his wife get him breakfast, he get nice neighbors who say […]

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