TOK Orals on the Internet: Beware!

Tim Sprod, highly experienced TOK teacher and co-author of one of the best TOK textbooks, recently posted this comment to the IBO’s “Online Curriculum Centre” TOK forum for teachers:

The examples of TOK presentations to be found with a search engine should – in my opinion – NEVER be taken as good exemplars. While […]

Y12 Presentations, May-June 2013


If you need technology for your presentation, you must have everything ready to go the moment you walk in the door. Be prepared to present one day early—if someone ahead of you is ill, we will ask you to present earlier than scheduled. You are allowed 10 minutes. After that point, the teacher […]

How to put together a successful TOK oral presentation

Most of what you need to know, right here:

Updated version for the new TOK syllabus (first exams in 2015):

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ToK Presentations

I was disappointed with my presentation.

Anyway, it was great to see all the different topics that I hadn’t even thought of before. This proves how we are all so different to each other. No one made it clear what their presentation was going to be on, yet everyone did it on completely different […]

TOK reflection

Well… I was a bad kid. I was a bad kid who got four weeks to prepare the presentation, but only used a day to prepare this presentation. Actually, now I think what I did for these four weeks were sort of preparation for my presentation. I watched tv series a lot and I […]

TOK reflection

Over the past week, I’ve learnt a lot from preparing my presentation and also seeing other’s presentation as well. Firstly, I’ve realized that it’s quite hard to accomplish all the criteria (A-D). Even though we had a chart which helped us to note knowledge issues, areas of knowledge…etc, it was still hard to link […]

TOK Presentations

I wanted to try something new so I decided to do something about ethical reasoning. I think it could be structured in a more coherent manner. I tend to overcomplicate and might not do as well in terms of the structure of presentations, but I think the real TOK presentation will not have this […]

Tok Presentations

It was interesting to see all of the presentations that people did.  Every presentation really got you thinking on different knowledge issues.  However,  many of the presentations didn’t seem to fully explore the possible interpretations and implications of their knowledge issue.  One person who I though did a really good job of this was […]

Oral presentations and math

Through these oral presentations, I got a better feel of what a tok presentation requires. Tok presentations are very different from other kinds of presentations in the sense that we were going into the quesion rather than answering the question. This just make it so much more confusing. There were presentations that were quite […]

#30 ToK

Cradle, Nana, and Sylvia presented their knowledge issues and what they have prepared for us this week.

To start off, Cradle and Nana presented on the same topic: media censorship in China and the moral consequences/issues that come with the implication of it.

If you asked me to put the “Great Firewall of China” […]

ToK Journal #30

On Monday, we had Cradle and Nana’s presentations. Accidently both of them used the same real life situation: Chinese internet censorship. However their knowledge issues are different as Cradle’s was “does knowledge promote immoral behaviors?” and Nana’s was “on what ground censorship justifiable?”

Censorship is an interesting topic especially because we all live in […]

#29 ToK

We had our first week of presentations from Masami, Aaron, Jane, and I.

I think Jane brought up the most interesting point from me this week with her presentation: how can we justify that humans are allowed to interfere with nature’s… well… natural processes? Her presentation was about whether or not humans should or […]

ToK Journal #29

On Monday, we had Masami, Jane and Aaron’s presentations. Masami’s presentation is about ethical decisions people make every day. Knowledge issue and way of knowing is well related in her presentation. Jane’s has interesting topic “Man vs. Nature”. She used sound clip as background information though I was little bit distracted while listening. The […]

ToK Journal #15

In this class, Masami, Jane and Mike did their presentations. Masami’s knowledge issue was how people clarify right and wrong. The real life situation was about a girl committed suicide and a child who stole something for his poor family. Jane’s was about how we choose our friends and she analyzed reasons in language, […]

journal trece

Even more oral presentations were given today. I thought Josh should’ve gone first out of all of us so that we could’ve had a solid example of what an oral presentation was because his was extremely good. His topic was about giving aid to people. What he said was extremely true about how some […]

ToK Journal #14

Ongoing Oral Presentations

Jeffery, Alvin, Alexander, and Sara did their presentations in Monday’s class. Jeffery’s oral presentation was about adultery and he analyzed the reason why people do cheating. Personally, I think his presentation included his personal ideas like calling cheating as basic human urge. Well, it left a question to me, because […]

TOK Journal #16 : Oral Presentation

Oral Presentation

I FINALLY did my presentation. Before the presentation, I felt that my presentation is a bit short, but that was all I could think of and I had no idea what to include more. Then, Mr.Macknight commented that I could have included more WOKs such as religious and political beliefs to show […]

#16 ToK Class

I wasn’t here for Monday’s lesson. However we did have the ToK presentation by a guest speaker about…

Theory of Knowledge, Life, and the UNIVERSE!!!!

Truthfully, that was a fabulous presentation. It gave me some helpful insight on how a good presentation could be made. It’s all about making “the usual teenager” jokes. I […]

#15 ToK Class

This week, we had presentations from Jane, Masami, and Mike. First of all, I would just like to clarify that Mike’s presentation, despite the level of interest that it aroused in me, really creeped me out made me a little uneasy, looking at all the pictures of people covered in blood. Nevertheless, t’was a […]

ToK Journal #12

In this class, I finally did my presentation. I’m still little confused….but I’m so relieved that I finished my presentation : ) I think my speed of talking was little bit quicker than I thought… And the content, I didn’t get the conclusion because my question was “why” some people believe some documents are […]

TOK Journal #15 : Oral Presentations

Masami ‘s presentation was about “How do we clarify right or wrong?”. I think she explained well in detail with many approaches and real life situations. Also, it was interesting how emotion takes part on this because what is right or wrong could be depended by emotions. However, When Mr.MacKnight commented that it could […]

#14 ToK Class

This week, we listened to Alexander’s, Jeffery’s, and Alvin’s presentations. It was Alvin’s and Jeffery’s presentation that was especially closely related to each other. Jeffery’s presentation was about whether or not cheating on a spouse was a human urge and Alvin’s presentation outlined his theory on how mankind is never truly satisfied with what […]

#13 ToK Class

Ji Won, Sylvia, and Joshua Tan presented.

I found the presentations quite entertaining and not at all boring, particularly Sylvia’s. This was probably because she took the time to provide examples of how her topic (denial) can be linked to the different ways of knowing. This, for me, stood out from the other presentations, […]

TOK Journal #13 : Oral Presentations

Ji Won’s presentation was about the people following the decisions of other people. Her presentation was overall good, and I think she had really good real life examples. Especially, crossing the street and looking up at the sky because these ones are real life situation that most people experience unconsciously, yet too trivial to […]

#12 ToK Class

Today, I did my oral presentation. It went okay, I guess. Just relieved to have gotten over with it. Gotta remember to pick better real-life situations!

So, the other people doing their presentation was Aaron, who’s presentation, I was surprised to find, was related to mine in one way or another, and Ji-Min.

Ji-Min’s […]

TOK Journal # 12 : Oral Presentations

Ji Min’s presentation was about the documentation and how it could be fakes. It was an interesting topic because for me, I have never approached documentation in TOK way.  During her presentation, I heard and thought about people constantly doubting the truthfulness. Surely, when the documentation was first introduced, the purpose would have been […]

ToK Journal #11

In Monday’s class, we started our scary oral presentations. I was actually supposed to do this, but I wasn’t ready enough…….so I just received some comments from the teacher and classmates. So, we heard presentations of Cradle and Nana.

Cradle talked about gambling, why people do things which harm themselves. He said curiosity is […]

ToK Journal #10

My thinking about my oral presentation is about belief….but narrowed as “fake document” because Mr.Macknight pointed out that it would be too broad to cover in ten minutes.

I find my real life situation as a news article, and actually it was quite easy because it was big issue in Korea one or two […]

Journal Once

             Last class, I was supposed to go but because I didn’t know how to do it, Mr. MacKnight told me to go next class. So instead, we listened to Cradle and Nana do their presentations instead.

             Cradles presentation was about gambling and why we engage in self destructive behaviors. I agreed with […]

Journal Diez

This is extremely hard. I racked my brain for ideas but I just can’t come up with a suitable idea for my oral. So far I have three topics I brainstormed but there isn’t one that really stands out to me.

1. Why do people kill themselves?

2. Why do people swear?

3. Why […]

#11 ToK Class

Today, we had the first oral presentations from Nana and Cradle.

I found Nana’s presentation interesting in the way that she talked about “categorizing” males as suitable spouses. Its all very hard to explain, but I understand what she was getting at; the “categorizing” cannot be done either only rationally or intuitively/emotionally. The ‘guy’ […]

TOK Journal #11 : Oral Presentations

Nana’s presentation all made sense, but I think her real life situation was too sensitive to talk about in class. Since Western and Asian perspectives are different, it is natural that there is a conflict in the ideas of the love and marriage. Also, she conveyed her personal opinion about love in the presentation […]

TOK Journal #10 : Ideas for the Oral Presentation

Having to find a real life situation that I can relate to TOK questions, I started brainstorming few ideas. I didn’t have many ideas, but got the one that I like so I decided to work on this – ‘The Placebo Effect’. The first time I ever encountered to this was a long time […]

#10 ToK Class

This lesson, we spent the class planning on possible topic we could present in our individual oral presentation.

It was suggested that we just look up random news articles on the internet, and then our topic will usually come to us as we read it (as a form of inspiration?).

That’s exactly what I […]

Real-life situations

The TOK oral presentation requires that students focus on a ‘real-life situation’ that raises one or more ‘knowledge issues’ and then analyze how those questions might be considered, with explicit reference to appropriate Areas of Knowledge and  Ways of Knowing.

Here are a few ideas for ‘real-life situations’ that raise knowledge issues. Suggest additions […]

Plagiarism? or “mixing”?

Another possible topic for an oral presentation: a teenaged author, accused of plagiarism, says she’s part of a new culture that’s all about ‘authenticity’, not ‘originality’.

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Stealing music

There may be an interesting oral presentation somewhere in here:

David Bowie predicted that because of internet and piracy, copyright is going to be dead in ten years. You agree? No. If copyright dies, if patents die, if the protection of intellectual property is eroded, then people will stop investing. That hurts everyone. People […]

Oral Presentations

I have uploaded to my public folder an excerpt from the May 2008 TOK Subject Report that describes in some detail what is desired for the Oral Presentation. The url, as usual, is

and the path is Handouts / TOK. You should definitely have a look at this before getting into any serious […]

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