Bonus terminology question

Explain why the commonly-used expression

“scientifically proven”

is misleading and illogical.

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Fallacy analysis: Poisoning the Well

Fallacy is an argument that uses poor reasoning. An argument can be fallacious whether or not its conclusion is true.

I see or experience lots of fallacies everyday. As an example, I saw a fallacy during PE class. My friends and I were getting changed after playing football and during that short time Patrick […]

Fallacies in Debates

It is during a debate in which one can encounter uncorroborated and/or fictitious arguments and thus debaters usually tend to have exposure in identifying logical fallacies. As a rule of thumb, when an opposition makes an invalid point, debaters have to identify it as a fallacy and convey it such that the argument is rendered […]

Humans are logically fallacious animals_HJ

“Love is a fallacy” by Max Shulman portraits how fallacy is in our daily life and dialouges in a very interesting and humorous way. “Dicto Simpliciter”, “Hasty Genralizatoin” and “Post Hoc” are just few of examples of catagorization of logical fallacies which is mentioned in the essay. After reading the essay, I soon realized that so many […]

Logical Fallacies

The fallacy I noticed appearing most frequently was Hasty Generalization. For Biology class this week we were reading news articles about the health risks of different types of fatty acids, and when I now went back to review them, I noticed more than one instant where the author made a conclusion from a size of a sample […]

Logical Fallacies

A logical fallacy is defined as an error in reasoning, an argument that appears to be valid and truthful, but really being otherwise. Fallacies are common in the way of thinking of most humans, and there are different types of them. Some of the most common fallacies used are designed to change the subject […]

Logical Fallacies

Hasty generalization is a common logic fallacy especially when people assume racial stereotypes. The common stereotypes for asians are being smart at subjects like Science and Math. While the common stereotypes for westerns are having a life dominated by sport or arts. Obviously, this is a hasty generalization because their are plenty of asians […]

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