Knowledge and the arts

The article written by Mr.Macknight instigated many questions. Starting from the question ‘whether arts have to be beautiful’, there are many thought that expressed the same ideas that I had about Art.

First, I disagree with the idea that arts have to express beauty. As I have learned music in IGCSE course, art is […]

Knowledge and the Arts

I was one of the people who belittled art. My attitude towards art was “I know reading books or looking at an art work gives me a new experience and even entertains me, but I don’t think they are necessities in our lives”. Logically speaking, you wouldn’t choose to listen to a beautiful classic […]

David Bordwell: how to watch an art film

David Bordwell is one of the world’s great authorities on filmmaking. If you are interested in how movies work, you can do no better than to read him. Lucky for all of us, he has a blog, and this article on how to watch an art film is as good a place to jump […]

verbal and non verbal language

We discussed if math is a language or not. Arguments arouse from the point if ‘anything’ can be a language or not. Frankly, this is just a trick of words. It really depends on how, to your own extent, a language is.

If language is generously defined, such as-  as long as it has […]

Lost mysteries in the translation of language

Question: What is lost in the translation of language? Why?

There are some words in a language that are unique to the language can’t be translated into a different language, due to this the closest word to be used to translate it into a different language is used. Due to the words not having […]

What Knowledge Can Be Gained from Literature?

Many different types of knowledge can be gained from literature such as you can gain a wider range of vocabulary, this then improves your English all together. The reason for the gain in knowledge is that our brain starts to remember and recall similarities in the language what is used or the punctuation that […]

Questions about Literature

Q8. How important is the study of literature in individual/ethical development? In What Ways?

When I first came across this question, the word “fairytale” popped into my head. It is a usual thing to associate fairytales with individual/ethical development because we are often told how some fairytales demonstrate some of the morals of life. […]

Questions Of Literature

Question 8: How important is the study of literature in individual/ethical development? In what ways?

I think literature is quite important. Although it can have positive or negative affects, I think it teaches people many new things from different perspectives.

There are many things that cannot be taught in school, at home or through […]

11. What is lost in translation from one language to another? Why?

Translation between languages is an interesting concept, as languages, fundamentally, are the same; however, only on this fundamental level. When we use different languages to convey our meanings, the building blocks that we use to piece together our thoughts are essentially congruent: blue is still blue in Chinese, and door is still door in […]

Questions about literaute

Q5) What knowledge of literature can be gained by focusing attention on the author? … Are an author’s intentions relevant to assessing the work? Can a work of art contain or convey meaning of which the artist is oblivious?

When people analyze works of art or literature, I always have a feeling that those […]

Literary Conveyance of Knowledge

2. How can a literary work of fiction, which is by definition non-factual, convey knowledge?

A work of literature are sometimes perceived to convey knowledge. Usually this is as allegory (one story with two interpreted meanings). Tolkien said “I cordially dislike allegory in all its manifestations, and always have done since I grew old and […]

Logic vs Storytelling

Mr Macknight said “storytelling is the most important way of knowing”, since we always claim that “this, by way of saying, is like that”. The reason for this is the “germ of a story”, then all knowledge is storytelling. I disagree. By the same quotation we can also argue that all knowledge is logic. […]

Storytelling as a way of knowing

Storytelling is one of the most important ways of knowledge. Every bit of knowledge gathered through experience is gathered through storytelling. When faced with a problem you refer to your experiences in order to predict an outcome and thus affect your decisions.  One of the main factors that affect storytelling however is language. If […]

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